A Super Blue Blood Moon Is Coming & It's The Perfect Opportunity To Make Changes To Your Love Life

I’m sure you’ve heard all about the super blue blood moon that’s supposed to reign over our sky come Jan. 31, 2018 and it’s caused you a bit of head scratching. Will werewolves be howling all night? Will vampires come climbing out of cemetery grounds? Is the world coming to an end? Well… truth is, the name makes it sound a lot more fantastical than it really is but it’s certainly not without its cosmic influence. In the world of astrology, blood moons are known for bringing dramatic and unexpected change to our lives — often in a way that abruptly ends situations we weren’t expecting to end. Fortunately, it also sets us off on a new path, one that brings us closer to our fullest potential. This is why making changes during the super blue blood moon is the best way to fully harness its power, particularly changes to our relationships and dating life.

This super blue blood moon will be in Leo, a flamboyant sign known for being especially in touch with its inner child. This will shine a spotlight on up all our erotic, emotional, and playful tendencies, making this the perfect time to seek new romance, rethink a romantic relationship you’re already involved in, or transform it into something much stronger. Galvanize your love life with some passion—or break ties from a relationship that’s no longer worthwhile. The super blue blood moon will transform you either way.

Seek A Deeper Connection

Leo is also a sign that prefers concentrating on the simple, unadulterated purity of life; more than anything else, you will feel a stronger connection to your true self than usual. This will make yourself vulnerable to a deeper connection with your partner or crush — and they'll be more likely to reciprocate that vulnerability.

This is an opportunity to share secrets with them, secrets you've never shared with anyone else. It's the time to tell them all about your dreams and fantasies, to watch a beautiful movie together that you can bond over, to go for that first kiss, to climb a mountain and watch the lunar eclipse bleed red over the city together. It could bring you closer than you've ever been.

Spice Up A Predictable Routine

Sometimes what a relationship that's become boring and humdrum needs is an injection of excitement — and with the lunar eclipse in Leo, there's no better time for it. Leo loves variety in life, to take risks, and to navigate life with an air of spontaneity. This will make it that much easier to infuse your relationship with something cooky or wacky, something that'll have you both bellowing over in laughter. Things don't have to be all long talks about your feelings and rehashing fights you had a long time ago. Sometimes it's a great idea to just remember that you and your partner are best friends who can have a crazy time together.

Go rock climbing, perform at a open mic night together, go skateboarding during sunset, go to a petting zoo. Try something — anything — that you've never done together before. It'll give your relationship a new tone.

Let Go Of Bad Habits

Most relationships have bad habits that slowly erode away at the trust you've built together. The lunar eclipse is a very appropriate time to address those habits and come up with a plan to eradicate them. Maybe you have a tendency to interrupt each other during arguments. You could make a decision to allow each person to talk as long as they want until they're finished. Perhaps you let your fights get out of control, letting the security of the relationship be jeopardized. You could make the choice to remind each other that you love each other during arguments as a way to remedy that.

If you're single, maybe you have the tendency to be attracted to people who are emotionally unavailable. You could make it a goal to avoid that quality in potential partners. Maybe you tend to give too many second chances to people who take it for granted. You could make a plan not to let your values be compromised in your dating life.

Make a list of things you want to work on and then take action. The power of the lunar eclipse will be with you every step of the way.

Make Commitments — Or Break Them

If you really want to get serious during this super blue blood moon, it might be the time to make a difficult decision in your relationship. If you've tried a million times to breathe life into a relationship that's dying a slow, painful, miserable death, maybe you should finally pull the plug.

On the other hand, maybe your relationship is going in a promising direction and you're happy as can be, maybe now's the time to take things to the next level. Perhaps it's time to make things Facebook official, to *gasp* move in together, or maybe just take a couple's photo in front of the Disneyland castle. Hey, whatever commitment means to you.