17 Bougie Ways To Blow Your Bonus That'll Have You Living In The Moment

Hallelujah — you just got paid! A big bonus is coming your way, and you have two options right now: save it or spend it. As someone who is just trying to live her best life, I would go for the spend it route. A big bonus like this doesn't come often, so you definitely want to know how to spend your bonus the best way possible (aka, as bougie as possible).

Now may be the time to finally go for all of those extravagances you've been dreaming of. These are the things like special tattoos, fancy hair treatments, and tropical vacations that are on your bucket list, but you never thought would be in the cards so soon. Sure, you could be savvy with your new money, and put it away to use later, but why not invest it in the moment? You're still being smart with your new cash by using your bonus on special experiences and things you'll cherish forever, rather than putting it toward a material thing.

So, when that bonus check finally comes your way, consider any of these 17 things that'll bring you joy, and make you become the textbook definition of living your best life.

Get That Hair Treatment You've Been Wanting Forever

Every time you're in the salon, you opt out of the fancy hair treatment, because it's just too expensive. Now is the time to say, "Yes," so you can have Disney princess hair, or any other hair you'd like to have.

Check Out A Salt Cave For A Healthy Glow
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I'm all for detoxifying, which is why salt caves and salt therapy really peak my interest. Not only are these relaxing retreats good for your lungs, but will extract the toxins from your skin to give you a healthy glow. Also, you can't deny you want to see these gorgeous caves IRL.

Pick Out A New Paint Color For Your Bedroom
Tana Teel/Stocksy

Sometimes, in order to get out of our funk, you just need a little home makeover to feel refreshed. You could do something simple like rearranging your furniture, but you've got the funds to go all out. Pick a new color to paint your room, just like you're on an HGTV show.

Rent A Beach Cabana With Your Friends
Trinette Reed/Stocksy

A beach day is a must to celebrate your bonus, but now that you're fancy AF, you can have the most luxurious beach day possible. Rent a cabana to lounge in, like the the Rosé Oasis Cabana. Sip away fruity cocktails (if you're 21 or over) in between taking a dip in the water.

Get A Special Tattoo

You may have been dying to get a certain tattoo for a while now, but you didn't realize how expensive getting inked could be. Now is the time to bring that bucket list item back to the top. Use your funds to get the ink you've been dreaming of.

Go Parasailing And See The World From Above

If you want a real story to tell of how you spent your bonus, go for an epic bucket list adventure, like parasailing. You won't be disappointed with the gorgeous views as you fly over the water. Plus, a day on the boat is never a bad idea.

Take A Helicopter Ride Over The Grand Canyon

Sure, parasailing will provide great views of the ocean, but if you want a different kind of thrill, spend your bonus on a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. This experience should be on everyone's bucket list. You could hike around the canyon or ride a mule down, but a helicopter will show you this wonderful site from a different perspective.

Go On A Tiki Tour With Your Whole Squad
Alejandro Moreno de Carlos/Stocksy

If you love being out on the water and tiki bars, then spending your bonus on a tiki tour like Captain John's Tiki Tours is the way to go (if you're 21 or over). You and your entire squad can spend the day floating around while sipping some of your favorite fruity drinks. You'll want to snap a million pics for the 'Gram with your leis.

Get Tickets For That Musical You've Been Dying To See

If you've been trying that Hamilton lottery for years for no success, maybe now's the time to buy yourself some epic seats. You won't regret a night out to an award-winning show. Plus, it'll give you the excuse to wear that gorgeous dress that's been hanging in the back of your closet. Heck, go out and buy a new dress and pair of coordinating heels for this occasion!

Spend A Week On A European River Cruise

Your bonus is a great excuse to finally go on that wanderlust-filled vacation you've been dreaming about forever. I have both a cruise and Europe on mine, so why not combine the two with a European river cruise? The River Rhine Cruises with Adventures by Disney is an awesome choice, and it has excursions to suit everyone's taste.

Get Back To Your Roots At A Digital Detox Summer Camp

I don't know about you, but I'm attached to my phone. I also really miss the days of going to sleep-away camp. That's why a digital detox summer camp like Camp Grounded sounds so fun and totally necessary. Get a group of your friends together to head off to the woods for fun activities, including archery, rock climbing, and hiking.

Rent A Bungalow Oasis
Alejandro Moreno de Carlos/Stocksy

You worked hard for that money, so now is the time to relax and unwind. Get a crew together to rent out a bungalow in a dreamy location. As a Disney lover, I would opt for the Polynesian Resort bungalows at Disney World that are right on the water with great views of the fireworks.

Feast On A Food Tour

For a foodie, you might want to consider spending your money on a cool food tour. Not only will your stomach be happy, but you'll be snapping some artsy pics for the 'Gram of that wine and cheese board that your followers will swoon over.

Ride In A Hot Air Balloon With Bae

You'll feel like you're in an episode of The Bachelor as you and bae take a scenic tour in a hot air balloon. The sights will be breathtaking when you're floating into the blue sky. Just don't forget to bring your camera, because you'll want to remember this.

Go Glamping Like A Queen
Diane Durongpisitkul/Stocksy

Camping is always a fun getaway for you and your friends, but now you can do it in style. Go glamping in fancy tents that you can find on Glamping Hub. There are a ton of glamping hotspots around the country for you to check out. Just don't forget the s'mores and champagne.

Relax In A Spa

You deserve to treat yourself for all of the work you've done to earn that bonus, so a spa day is needed. You could get your friends together for a regular weekend away at a fancy resort. But for something truly unique, head to a spa like The Glen Ivy Experience in California.

Cheers To Your Bonus With A Vineyard Excursion

There's no better way to celebrate your bonus than with a glass of your favorite wine. Get your girls together for a winery tour in the Hamptons for a bougie time. Take lots of pics for the 'Gram with your crew, and sip, sip, hooray!