The Hottest Wineries In The Hamptons To Live Your Best, Bougie Life At This Summer
by Ciara Johnson

The Hamptons is an extremely popular summer destination in Long Island, New York. Many urbanites flock here to escape the hustle and bustle of The Big Apple, get some much-needed fresh air, and hit up the hottest vineyards on the East Coast. You can spend your days partying, eating, swimming, lounging, shopping, and wine tasting. There are a number of wineries across the Hamptons to fulfill your greatest wine desires. Visit the best wineries in the Hamptons to Instagram this summer if you want to return home feelin' fine like wine.

Let's be real: Wine not go wine tasting? It's a great way to take in the beautiful scenery while satisfying all of your senses. You'll feel extra bougie as you sip on fancy wines with your girls by your side. You'll learn the proper techniques to drink wine the right way, and you'll always be able to carry those lessons with you. You're sure to taste wines that you've never heard of, so you might have a new favorite by the end of it. You can stock up on bottles to use for future girls' night in and movie nights with bae. Let's just say, you'll never drink wine in the same way again after visiting these gorgeous vineyards.

Wolffer Estate
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Wolffer Estate is a gorgeous vineyard located in "the heart of the Hamptons." Upon arrival, you'll instantly fall in love with the chic decor and delicious cheese plates. Not to mention, their Summer in a Bottle White is super Instagram-worthy.

When it comes to winemaking, they aim to use innovative techniques to create fine wine. Taste a variety of red wines, white wines, rosé, and cider, while taking in the lush green vineyards and rolling hills. This summer, you can also sip to the sounds of live music if you visit on a "Twilight Thursday," "Sunset Friday," or "Sunset Saturday." It sounds like my kind of wine night.

Kontokosta Winery
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Kontokosta is a waterfront winery that stretches across 62 acres of land. This family-run vineyard is open daily, so I definitely won't judge you for returning again and again with your girlfriends. According to their website, Kontokosta has received awards for their rosé, so you really should visit this winery ASAP.

Channing Daughters Winery
barbilynne on Twitter

Channing Daughters is a vineyard and winery located in Bridgehampton. They pride themselves on pouring high quality wine that is locally sourced. When you visit Channing Daughters winery, you'll have the opportunity to taste different wines and pick out your favorites. Then, you can kick back and relax by the vines. By the end of your trip here, you'll be a certified wino.

Clovis Point
danap2170 on Twitter

Clovis Point is a 10-acre vineyard, so you'll have no problem snapping those pics for the 'Gram as you sip on a rich glass of red. Their tastings include a variety of wine flights that will allow you to really indulge in their best offerings. If you'd like to do something other than a tasting, then you should consider visiting during their event days. They bring in food trucks and live music artists on a weekly basis.

Jamesport Vineyards
jamesport_vineyards on Instagram

Pizza and wine? Yes, please! Jamesport Vineyards specializes in wine, but they also serve wood-fired pizza every Saturday and Sunday. Their tasting room is set inside of a 165-year-old barn, and it overlooks the vineyards. You can pair a variety of wine flights with delicious handmade pizza for an unforgettable vineyard experience in the Hamptons.

Castello Di Borghese Vineyard And Winery
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Every wine at Castello Di Borghese is produced by hand from the start, and you can reserve a spot on their private guided Founder's Tour to learn about the process. You'll taste their wine paired with samples of fresh cheese. Every Saturday and Sunday, they bring in a food truck so you can enjoy tasty bites right on their property. They even offer yoga retreats this summer, so sign up to sip and stretch all your stresses away.

Cheers to summer. These vineyards are a must-visit if you find yourself in the Hamptons.