Taylor Swift sits at a moss-covered piano in a jungle with a waterfall in her "cardigan" music video...
Here's How You Can Recreate Taylor Swift's "Cardigan" Video & Take Mystical Pics At Home

Taylor Swift gave the world exactly what it needed on July 24, 2020: an indie album filled with thoughtful lyrics, relatable stories, and melodies that sound like summer before the leaves change and it becomes fall. It was a total surprise to even Swifties who spend hours decoding the subtle hints in Swift's social media posts and videos. So, when the video for "cardigan" dropped along with the folklore album, a new era flooded our hearts with joy. It made us want to take photos in long dresses, and know how to recreate Taylor Swift's "cardigan" video at home.

TBH, the best spot to capture the mystical bliss of this album is at home. Swift recorded and released this album in the comfort of hers, and every song makes you want to wrap yourself in blankets on a rainy day and let nostalgic thoughts wander through your mind. The album cover alone —which shows Swift standing by herself in the woods — gives you the vibe of an adventurous life jotted down in a journal, or a romance you'd delve into while sitting with a book, lantern, and your dog on your back porch.

The "cardigan" video, specifically, tosses you back into the old fairytale-like creations from Swift like "Love Story", and merges them with a fresh set of timeless emotions and mindful messages. If you want to recreate the lush jungle, daring ocean, and cozy cabin scenes for IG, just embrace these ideas and hit the "capture" button.

Pose With Some Twinkly Lights And Gold Glitter

Invest in some twinkly lights and gold glitter, which you can set up thoughtfully within the frame. From one scene to the next in the "cardigan" video, Swift opens up these shining abysses built into her piano and its bench. Each works like a time machine, transporting her to a new world. To really capture these moments, you'll want to sprinkle this glitter in a cozy setting of your choice, drape string lights over chairs or a wooden cabinet, and act like you've just opened your own gate.

Rock A Glowing Makeup Look In A Vintage Mirror

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Swift actually did her own hair and makeup look for this music video. The glow was created by the queen herself and can be recreated by you, in the comfort of your home. Simply braid your hair and then wrap it into two low buns. Then, apply little product to your face, and snap a selfie in a vintage mirror to get the vibe of the "cardigan" video.

Put A Bench In A Whimsical Spot In Your Backyard

If your backyard has a wooded area or even a massive tree that looks similar to the one behind Swift in the video, then you can recreate the jungle scenes. You'll want to set up the self-timer on your camera and position the lens so the background is all lush and green. (You can also do this using the zoom ring.) Pull out a bench from your home — preferably a green, vintage, or wooden one — and then sit amongst the green background.

Anyone who's skilled at Photoshop can add in the waterfall you also see in the video. Otherwise, download the Lightroom app and give your final product a moody edit.

Sit With All Of The Houseplants You Own At Golden Hour

Do you live in the city? If so, then recreate the forest scene with all of the houseplants you own, instead of finding a whimsical spot in the backyard. Put them all on a window ledge where the sun pours in in the afternoon and patiently wait for golden hour to come. That way, you can capture the same color palette and essence of the moment when Swift opens her bench and steps into the raging ocean.

Any Swiftie will instantly recognize your photo as a "cardigan" reference, especially if you use a lyric in your caption.

Take A Late-Night Dip And Hold Onto The Ledge Of Your Pool

Recreating the rough ocean may seem like a no-go at home. If you have a pool, though, then you can certainly hang onto the ledge like Swift does with her piano. You can take a dip in the water while wearing a dress or jumpsuit, and hit the "capture" button at night when the world's lighting is already more dim. Just be sure to leave your "brand new phone" next to the pool for this one.

Fill A Dim Room With Vintage Goodies And Candles

Day or night, you can recreate the "cardigan" music video by closing your blackout blinds, gathering up your vintage goods, and lighting a bunch of candles. You can lean against an empty wall so the focus is on the old-timey items, and even put your acoustic guitar in the picture to channel Swift and her musical abilities.

To take this photo to the next level, snap it after you've taken a shower so you look like Swift after climbing out of her piano at the end of the video.

Show Off Your Favorite Cardigan

Last but not least, pose in your favorite cardigan. This may be the one you recently purchased off of Swift's online merchandise shop, or one you've had since high school and refuse to throw away. If you don't have a knit, oversized cardigan you adore, then you can recreate the whole look by wearing a white maxi dress or tiered dress that has the same vintage, fairytale-esque, "cardigan" video vibe.