A young woman does her makeup in a vintage-looking bathroom mirror.

36 Insta Captions For Vintage Mirror Selfies & Your Thrifty Finds

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You've never come across a vintage mirror you didn't like. Every eclectic gold frame and dusty reflective glass has caught your attention, causing you to text your bestie, "Look what I found!" After you hit send, your next step is always to pull out your camera and take some selfies. Do you have Instagram captions for vintage mirror selfies?

Your thrifty finds deserve a welcoming spot in your home and on your feed. After all, nobody has quite the same artsy eye as you, who can spot a beautiful piece of home decor from a mile away. If anything else, it's so #necessary that you share that talent of yours with your loyal followers, who will be instantly inspired and likely slide into your DMs and ask you what your favorite thrift stores are. You may respond with a whole list of shops you peruse on the weekends, or online thrift stores where you are considered a regular, and the owner gives you the first look at upcoming hauls. From there, you may become a hub for thrifting finds and inspo.

To say the least, posting a vintage mirror pic can take your adoration for thrifted goods to the next level, or simply be a way to showcase the very timeless items you come across when you're picking up coffee to-go, or hanging out at home. Here are 36 Instagram captions for the selfies you take and want to share. They're specifically tailored for your picture-perfect finds.

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1. "Wow, so ~vintage~."

2. "I'll only be taking selfies in vintage mirrors from now on."

3. "This mirror makes me feel like I'm living in a different era."

4. "You know this mirror has some stories to tell."

5. "Collect beautiful moments and vintage mirrors."

6. "Stop, drop, and take a mirror selfie."

7. "The frame on this mirror is so extra, like me."

8. "Welcome to your new home, adorable vintage mirror."

9. "Finding vintage goods wherever I go."

10. "If I walk through this mirror, will I get transported to another time and place?"

11. "Vintage mirrors will forever make me smile."

12. "Thinking about all the vintage mirrors that still need to be thrifted."

13. "When you find a vintage mirror, you have to take a selfie in it."

14. "Manifesting a job where I get paid to find vintage mirrors and take selfies with them."

15. "You have to pretend you're moody when you take a picture with a vintage mirror. It's the unofficial rules."

16. "Why did we ever stop making mirrors like this?"

17. "This is a vintage goods fan account now."

18. "Going thrifting in your garage is always a good idea."

19. "Enter this under 'mirrors I'd like to own.'"

20. "This city is filled with vintage mirrors and beautiful things."

21. "My morning routine has gotten a serious upgrade thanks to this vintage mirror."

22. "Hi, should I start my own online thrift store? Yes, or yes?"

23. "This mirror selfie is one of a million in my camera roll."

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24. "Another day, another selfie with this vintage mirror."

25. "I'm a sucker for a gold frame and dusty edit."

26. "This mirror has probably made an appearance in 'Vogue.'"

27. "Excuse me, can I have this vintage mirror?"

28. "The greatest dollars I've ever spent were on this vintage mirror."

29. "More vintage mirror selfies, please."

30. "If you needed proof that beautiful things exist, here it is."

31. "Take a picture. The good hair day will last longer."

32. "Mirror, mirror, on the floor."

33. "Fancy meeting you here."

34. "Vintage mirror selfie dump."

35. "Just reflecting and stuff."

36. "This vintage mirror says I look cute today."