A Black woman models jewelry from a Black-owned Etsy shop on the left, with other beauty, hair, and fashion accessories from Black-owned Etsy shops on the right.
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These Black-Owned Etsy Shops Are Creating Fire Fashion & Beauty Products


There is absolutely no denying that supporting Black-owned businesses should be a year-round activity for everyone. Pledging your support to small, Black-owned businesses — and bookmarking their shops to continue that support all the time — is a straightforward way to lift up Black creators. Due to the fact so many small businesses have taken a hit during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, sifting through and purchasing from the amazing Black-owned shops on Etsy can make a vital difference.

Etsy is overflowing with one-of-a-kind, handcrafted items from a wealth of Black creators. Developing custom pieces requires a significant amount of time and energy, and buying from Black Etsy shops, if you have the means to, pours resources back into their businesses to help ensure they can continue doing so. If you don't have the funds to support small, Black-owned businesses financially right now, following them on social media, posting about them on your own accounts, and leaving positive reviews on the things you have purchased and loved gets more eyes on their work and is just as valuable.

As people across the globe continue to protest the racial injustices Black people face and actively educate themselves on becoming anti-racist, it's crucial to continue doing the work to be an ally. In addition to listening intently to what the Black community has to say, consuming valuable resources and text on being anti-racist, voicing your support in whatever way you can, and donating to support Black communities, consider purchasing from one of these small, Black-owned Etsy shops today, tomorrow, and any day after that. We'll continue updating this list with even more shops deserving of your attention.

We only include products that have been independently selected by Elite Daily's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.



Shop here for: vibrant, satin-lined sleeping bonnets; a towel designed specifically to help dry natural hair; and a help digital guide on starting your own microlocs.

What to try:


Shop here for: everything from soap-, sugar scrub-, and candle-filled spa bundles to art prints and jewelry.

What to try:

Blade + Bloom

Shop here for: handmade, natural skincare and bodycare products that are made to be multifunctional in your routine.

What to try:

Breezy Tee

Shop here for: an assortment of different hair products — t-shirt hair towel wraps, silk scrunchies, head wraps, and more — that protect natural textures from breakage and reduce frizziness.

What to try:

Zandra Beauty

Shop here for: natural, plant-based products that cover both bodycare and haircare needs.

What to try:

Naileys Naturals

Shop here for: everything you need — bath bombs, shower fizzers, sugar scrubs, etc. — to make your bath feel that much more luxurious.

What to try:

Thick & Thin Holistic Herbal Haircare

Shop here for: natural, handmade bodycare and haircare products made with natural hair textures in mind.

What to try:

Fro.ology Haircare

Shop here for: a ton of products created to nourish and style natural hair to perfection.

What to try:

Royal Earth Collection

Shop here for: bath, body, and wellness products designed to promote relaxation and self-care.

What to try:

Indulgence Spa

Shop here for: natural bath and body products, like shampoo bars and shower steamers, as well as natural haircare products.

What to try:

Brown Butter Beauty

Shop here for: a huge line of natural, herbal-infused haircare, skincare, and beauty products.

What to try:


Shop here for: all natural skincare, body care, and home fragrance products filled with lush skin oils, butters, and botanicals for the ultimate relaxing experience.

What to try:


Aquarian Thoughts

Shop here for: an enormous collection of gorgeous, handcrafted, everyday jewelry featuring colorful gemstones, moon motifs, and so much more.

What to try:

Tree Fairfax

Shop here for: handcrafted, locally sourced leather wallets, crossbody bags, and waist purses.

What to try:

Fashion For Fables

Shop here for: the most beautifully unique vintage clothing items sourced throughout Germany.

What to try:


Shop here for: ethically made, minimal fine jewelry drawing inspiration from founder Ashley Alexis McFarlane's Jamaican-Ashanti-Maroon ancestry.

What to try:


Shop here for: a wealth of vibrant vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories.

What to try:


Shop here for: modern, bohemian-style wooden necklaces and printed leather goods.

What to try:


Shop here for: adorable, handmade (and even custom) crochet beanies, tops, bras, and more in vibrant colors.

What to try:

Coins And Connections

Shop here for: all the culturally relevant, clever t-shirts, accessories, and other lifestyle items you could want.

What to try:

Blackberries Box

Shop here for: handmade jewelry crafted from copper-, sterling silver-, and gold-plated wiring and materials, as well as polymer clay.

What to try:

The Pink Locket

Shop here for: endless minimalist jewelry designs, all with a modern, elevated edge.

What to try:

Sustainable Maria

Shop here for: a range of upcycled clothing items that you'd never realize are secondhand.

What to try:

1156 East

Shop here for: vibrant, fun handmade earrings in bright colors and innovative shapes and motifs.

What to try:

Adorness Jewelry

Shop here for: elegant, colorful jewelry sustainably made from upcycled leather.

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