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14 Creative Pictures To Take With Flowers & Plant Magic On Your Feed

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The last time you went to the grocery store, you may have picked up a bouquet of fresh flowers. You may have told your partner on the way home that you're going to put them in a vase in the kitchen and have a photo shoot with your new best buds in the backyard. But, there's one thing that's been keeping you and your camera from creating magic: You might not know of any creative pictures to take with flowers outdoors or indoors.

Let's plant a few ideas in your head, shall we? To start, take some time to consider where you want to set up your camera and tripod. If you have a whole photo shoot backdrop already put together in your backyard, you may want to toss on a summery outfit and hold your flowers against the plain sheet. On the contrary, if you'd rather take a quick mirror selfie on your way to your home office one morning, then you'll likely want to get artsy with your reflection. Use some clear tape to create a DIY frame of petals on your mirror, or simply move your vase of peonies and roses to the counter.

The result will be inspired and turn your bathroom into a tropical, floral, and dreamy destination. You'll adore editing the photos you get with the best presets for photos taken at home, too. Most notably, not a daisy will go by that you don't want to take another one of these creative pics with flowers.

The "Flowers Tucked Into My Hair" Picture

The first of these picture ideas is the "Flowers Tucked Into My Hair" picture, and it's so simple to put together. You just need to pluck a few buds from your garden or a bouquet of flowers, and delicately place them in your hair. You can tuck them into a braid, along your hairline, or behind your ears for a stunning selfie.

The "In My Natural Habitat" Picture

Surrounding yourself with flowers, especially in the summer or spring, can be easy. You can find them in fields where you have a socially distanced picnic with your BFF or positioned next to the mountains where you're going camping. Channel the inner outdoors-lover in your for this picture, squat in a field of fresh flowers, and pop your head above the buds.

The "Laying With The Daisies" Picture

Even on the most cloudy days, you can lay with the daises and find some inner bliss. When you do, be sure to take this photo, which is essentially a bird's eye view of you amongst all of the wildflowers in your local park or backyard. Stretch your arms above your head and toss a soft smile toward the lens.

The "Lots Of Lavender Here" Picture

Lavender fields are an Instagram hub, and you'll want to check one out for the floral photo shoot of your dreams. Throw your mask in your bag along with your freshly-charged camera, and capture yourself walking down a purple-lined path. Wearing a flowy dress isn't required but may take this shot to a new level.

The "Taking A Floral Dip" Picture

Have you been creating your own flower baths at home? If so, then you'll want to make the most of your next chill afternoon and take pictures of your feet peeking out of the flower-filled water. To add to this serene shot, you may want to line the rim of your tub with your favorite beauty products.

The "Stumbled Upon A Flower Wall" Picture

The world needs more walls covered in flowers. But, if you're lucky to live near one, be sure to use it for a mini photo shoot. Pose amongst the hot pink or yellow blooms with a few props in your hands. For summer, a watermelon, a bag of beach essentials, or a bottle of sunscreen would be #lit.

The "Stopping To Smell The Roses" Picture

Hitting your personal "pause" button is necessary every now and then, as is letting your creativity shine. The "Stopping To Smell The Roses" pic is the perfect combination of the two, and lets you take in the aromas of your garden blooms with ease. Pro tip: You can use your self-timer to capture this shot on your own.

The "Fashion Meets Florals" Picture

Miranda Priestly made it very clear in The Devil Wears Prada that florals are not groundbreaking, especially in the spring. But, if you position a potted plant next to your mirror for a simple #OOTD, it would likely get a thumbs up from her.

The "Read Between The Flowers" Picture
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Give the long stems of the flowers in your home a moment on the 'gram by taking the "Read Between The Flowers" pic. This shot requires that you set the flowers up on a table and stand on the other side of it, so the stems can slightly cover you. In the background, you can pose however you'd like.

The "Standing With My Bouquet" Picture

Whether you've recently had a bouquet delivered or have been practicing your floral arrangement skills in quarantine, take the "Standing With My Bouquet" pic. Position your feet next to the vase and angle your camera or phone down. Give your friends and followers a lasting glance at the beauty (and your perfect pedicure).

The "Tropic Like It's Hot" Picture

Tropical flowers and palm trees will spruce up your feed just like any other bud, and potentially make it look like you're on vacation. If you're located somewhere warm, be sure to click your capture button a few times while casually standing in a sun-loving garden. Bright walls or outfits mixed in are a huge plus.

The "Keeping It Simple" Picture

Take yourself out of the frame for the "Keeping It Simple" picture. Show off your fresh flowers in your space, or along your walk with your dog. Your followers will appreciate the natural atmosphere of this kind of post.

The "Chilling Under A Floral Umbrella" Picture
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The intensity of the summer sun can be real, especially when you're walking home from the grocery store or farmer's market on a bright morning. Make the most of it, though, by asking your roomie or partner to snap the "Chilling Under A Floral Umbrella" pic. Hold your fresh bouquet over your head so it splashes some shadows across your face, and soak in the beauty of this season.

The "Holding Onto Summer Florals" Picture

Use the "zoom" feature on your camera or phone for this pic. It's all about getting up-close and personal with the details of your outfit and your aromatic bouquets. Your face should not be in the frame for this one. But, your go-to graphic tee and a gold chain bracelet should, to show your followers you're so in love with summer and being creative.

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