How To Plan A Wedding Like A Royal, So Your Big Day Takes The Cake & The Crown

On Saturday, May 19, people throughout the world will tune into Meghan Markle and Prince Harry saying, "I do," in arguably the most stunning event of the year. Some of us will be waking up early and baking scones with our besties to celebrate, but as a bride-to-be, you may have your own big day on your mind. You'll be watching the coverage on TV for some inspiration on floral arrangements and lessons on looking like a princess. You want to feel like an absolute queen when you walk down the aisle. Therefore, you'll need to know how to plan a wedding like a royal for your big day that'll take the cake and the crown.

Planning is probably the most stressful part of any big event, and you'll be asking your bridesmaids for a lot of help along the way. You'll need their opinions on your wedding dress, the perfect pair of pumps, and what photo to include on the invitations. Slaying the wedding game can be a bit overwhelming, but after watching the royal wedding, you'll have a ton of inspiration to work with. Following these seven steps will seriously upgrade your special day to regal status in no time.

Pick A Regal Venue
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You might not be able to rent out one of the dreamiest castles or palaces in the world for your wedding, but you could probably come pretty close in a place like Newport, Rhode Island. The strip of mansions, including gorgeous properties like the Rosecliff, is covered in the most beautiful gardens and architecture that will leave your guests in awe. You'll feel incredibly regal walking down a long staircase in your wedding dress, and seeing chandeliers sparkle out of the corner of your eye.

Figuring out the venue is one of the most important parts of planning, because the place you pick will make an appearance in every single photo from the day. The fountains, tulips, and grand windows of one of these mansions will be picture-perfect.

Carry A Sprig Of Myrtle In Your Bouquet
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The next step is all about creating a beautiful bouquet. Your venue will be breathtaking, but you'll bring it to the next level with a ton of flowers to make it feel even more royal.

You'll walk down the aisle in the dress that received the signature "yes," and will be carrying a collection of your garden favorites. Personally, I want my bouquet to have a lot of baby's breath, but if you're trying to plan a rather royal affair, you'll need to include some myrtle. It's a tradition that this flower is included in the bouquet of royal brides, because it stands for marriage and love.

Arrive In Style
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Picking out transportation that's fit for a princess is key. You could show up in a limousine, or stick to a vintage convertible car. If you really want to look like a royal, then you might even bring in a horse-drawn carriage to ride away in after saying, "I do." Seriously, just take some cues from Kate Middleton who showed up in the Queen's Rolls Royce Phantom, according to

You don't have to be actual royalty to have all eyes on you during your wedding day. The second you arrive in your dress, your guests will be blushing at your beauty and how happy you look marrying your best friend. But, having a stylish car with the "Just Married" sign hanging on the back will make your day even more of a fairy tale.

Wear A Wedding Dress Fit For A Disney Princess
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You probably have a Pinterest board filled with tulle gowns and pastel stilettos, but looking like a princess also means channeling your favorite Disney ladies on your wedding day.

According to the Inside Edition video, you can go to Kleinfeld's and shop for dresses that could have come straight out of Cinderella. If your favorite princess was always Belle, you can get a yellow look that brings all of the Beauty and the Beast feels to your special day.

Share A Balcony Kiss
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Everything about the royal wedding is so dreamy, right down to the first public kiss. Your guests will be there for your vows and exchanging of the rings. The sweetest moment they'll see all day, though, is when you two seal the deal with a kiss.

You might want to enter your reception with a peck on a balcony to channel the royal vibes. This royal wedding tradition is pretty new, and one your wedding guests will swoon over. Yes, I can see where this moment might feel a little #extra on your special day. But, it's your wedding, so give your people even more reasons to toast.

Create Your Own Glamorous Centerpieces
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You'll see a lot of different romantic details during the royal wedding, but the sweetest ones will be during the reception. Centerpieces can get expensive if you start investing in lots of flowers and candles, but you want to be royal. I'd suggest doing a bit of glittery crafting.

These details will bring the same sort of princess vibes to your party, and keep all the feels from the ceremony close to your company. Truth is, if you're sticking to a budget, you can still be royal for your big day.

Get Crafty And Make A Crown
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Every royal wedding comes with at least one crown. Whether it's the queen sitting front row in the crowd, or the tiara on the bride-to-be, jewels always make an appearance on such a big day. Meghan Markle may or may not wear a tiara this May, but the princess in you will want to put some sparkle in your elegant look.

You could stick to a veil, but this DIY craft is easy and will have you slaying every single part of the wedding game. Just break out your glue gun and invest in some rhinestones to show your crowd you're regal AF. Wearing one is only fitting, because every bride should feel like royalty on her special day, am I right?