These Royal Wedding Party Ideas Will Have You & Your Girl Crew Feeling Regal

Here comes the bride. On May 19, Meghan Markle will walk down the aisle and marry Prince Harry, in a magical moment that I'm ready to wake up early for. By now, the invitations have been sent out, and some of us are only a little bit bitter that we didn't get one in the mail. But, we're saving the date for when the royal couple-to-be says, "I do" anyway, and making some plans of our own. If you're tuning into the big day, one of these royal wedding party ideas will surely make your celebration much more of a fairy tale.

Break out the bottle of champagne and call up your besties — it's bound to be a morning to remember. You've been daydreaming for awhile now about your own happily ever after, but you're excited to live vicariously through Meghan Markle. You might have booked a trip to one of those dreamy castles or palaces around the world for the summer, so that you can really feel like royalty. Hopefully your crown comes along the way.

You want your royal wedding party to go off without a hitch, from breaking out tiny British flags to decorating cupcakes with red and blue frosting. These seven ideas will make your party perfect, so you'll have the most magical royal wedding day.

Bake Some English Scones
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Celebrating the royal wedding means baking some delicious scones. Due to the time difference, you'll likely be waking up a little early to see the main event, so breakfast is absolutely on the menu. Instead of your usual blueberry pancakes, get your crew together and learn how to make scones. Maybe you'll add a little bit of cinnamon on top, or put some jam or custard in between two layers. All of your time spent watching the Food Network will pay off when you're planning this party.

Have A Pimm's Cup Cocktail Bar on YouTube

Some will celebrate with mimosas on the morning of the royal wedding, but a Pimm's Cup cocktail bar will be the best way to take your party from average to perfectly magical. For those of you who don't know, this drink is usually sipped in the summertime and filled with so many fruity flavors. Throw a cucumber slice and some mint on top for garnish, and you're good to go.

Your guests will love changing up their favorite brunch drink for something extra refreshing and sweet. Be sure to stock your bar with snacks as well. Did somebody say crumpets?

Host A DIY Tea Party
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Pinky fingers up. The royal wedding is going to be as fancy as ever, so turning your space into a tea party is necessary. Take some tissue paper and pipe cleaners to make DIY centerpieces and decorations, and be sure to gather a good selection of teas. My personal favorite will always be vanilla, but you can opt for a fruit flavor or even go for something green.

Prepare little tea sandwiches for your guests to snack on, and tell your besties to either dress up a bit, or wear their pajamas for a truly comfy celebration. Meghan Markle and the real guests can wear the heels, and you'll stick to some fuzzy slippers.

Play A Round Of Croquet
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The middle of May means the weather is likely warming up. You'll for sure want to sit inside and watch the coverage of the royal wedding. But when the festivities are basically over on the screen, it's time to get outside and play a couple of rounds of croquet.

This is one of those backyard games, like badminton, that's great for a big group of people. Hit the ball until you reach the post, and maybe sip on some more champagne while you do it.

Dress Up Like Your Favorite Princesses
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Themed parties are so much better when it comes with princesses. Your friends will love this idea because it's like Halloween in the middle of May, and gives them a chance to get creative.

DIY your outfits beforehand, and let the festivities begin. Maybe you'll channel Moana in a beautiful flower lei, or wear a glittery ballgown as Cinderella. Seriously though, has anyone seen my glass slipper?

Make Your Own Wedding Dresses
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If you've ever been to a bridal shower, you know that there are always tons of games. The guests go around and say their favorite memory of the couple, or you create a bouquet out of all the ribbons from the presents. For this royal wedding, though, you'll want to make your own wedding dresses out of toilet paper with your people, in a game that never gets old. Pair your friends up so they don't have to design something alone, and see if you can say "yes" to any single dress.

Watch The Royal Wedding Coverage
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What will make your party truly magical is watching the coverage with your crew. The whole world will be talking about the moment Meghan Markle comes out in her wedding gown, and crying because it's so beautiful. You won't want to miss out on a minute of it.

According to Town&Country, NBC will start airing at 4:30 a.m. EST on May 19, so set your alarms extra early and be prepared to brew a second cup of coffee. Don't sleep through the guests arriving, or especially the ceremony.

So, are you ready to celebrate the royal wedding yet? You might have some planning to do now, but don't stress. It's supposed to be a celebration after all, and I can't wait to pop that champagne and toast to the new couple.