5 Attainable Ways To Live Like A Royal In Your 20s, So You Can Channel Meghan Markle

The royal wedding may be over, but I'm still in that regal state of mind. On the morning of the main event, I woke up bright and early to watch the Duke and Duchess of Sussex say "I do." It was the most magical moment of the decade, in my personal opinion, and the world was full of romance. We watched the couple ride around Windsor Castle in a horse-drawn carriage, and kiss on the steps surrounded by beautiful flowers. Let's talk about how to live like a royal so that you can channel Meghan Markle and all her regal vibes from this past weekend now and for happily ever after.

Up until this point, some of us have taken all of our lessons on how to be a royal from Julie Andrews and The Princess Diaries. We were taught not to slouch, and perfected our waves and fanning techniques. Something tells me there's a lot more to being royalty than mattress surfing and walking in parades, though. Looking to a modern day woman like Meghan Markle is key to turning your 20s into a fairytale.

Now, where shall we begin? Do we go out and just buy a tiara, or find a castle to call our own? These five things will let you live like Meghan Markle, and basically be a royal, too.

Find An Affordable Replica Of The Bride's Wedding Day Bling
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The day the couple announced their engagement, the world was so excited because it meant there was another royal wedding on the way. Now, we've been graced with two designer dresses and so much beauty that there's no looking back. If you want to channel those regal vibes, you can start by getting an affordable knock-off ring.

During all of the coverage, I hope you noticed the aquamarine cocktail ring that made a stunning appearance right before the reception. Meghan borrowed this gorgeous ring from Princess Diana's collection, as a way of honoring Harry's late mother on such a special day. Although a knock-off won't come with the same sentimental value, you can find affordable replicas of this ring and Markle's engagement ring on Etsy or at a local jeweler.

Channel Markle's Second Wedding Dress
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Meghan Markle has a keen eye for fashion. She looked like a total goddess walking down the aisle in her Givenchy wedding dress before marrying the man of her dreams. She once again stunned in a Stella McCartney gown with a halter top when it was time for the reception.

In order to live like a royal, you should channel this second dress in particular. It's so classy and elegant, and could easily make for a fun cocktail dress if it were knee-length. When it comes to your bachelorette party, bridal shower, and wedding day, you'll be on the lookout for several gorgeous white dresses. Keep this gorgeous halter style in mind.

You might not be rocking a tiara on your special day, but consider incorporating a jeweled headpiece into your bridal look as well. Let Meghan Markle's fashion sense bring your closet to regal levels, and you'll be sparkling like a diamond.

Throw A Regal Party
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Word on the street is that Meghan and Harry had quite the reception after the royal wedding. When you're royalty, you really go all-out when it comes to parties, and I would've loved snagging an invitation to this event (not to mention, the ceremony, too.) But, you can channel this Gatsby-esque lifestyle in your 20s to truly feel like a royal.

Gather your crew for some fireworks, and a few energetic dance songs. Elton John was in attendance, according to Rolling Stone, and played hits like "Your Song" and "Tiny Dancer." With these hits on your party playlist, and everyone looking so regal in fascinator hats, this will be an affair for the books.

Book A Trip To Botswana
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According to Express, Botswana holds a really special place in the royal couple's relationship, and Meghan Markle's engagement ring even features a diamond from this country. Needless to say, living like a royal means adding Botswana to your travel bucket list, ASAP. You'll want to book a trip with your bestie or SO, and plan to take a safari, too. Bring your camera for sure, because you're bound to see wildlife and sunsets that are definitely worth some snaps.

Check Out Windsor Castle For Yourself
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Being regal means much more than tiaras and suites in Buckingham Palace. It's about being a role model and respecting traditions that have been around for centuries. But, hanging out at a castle in your 20s can't hurt when it comes to living like a royal.

This world is full of the dreamiest castles and palaces you could ever imagine, and you'll want to check out at least one in order to channel those princess vibes. Maybe you'll head to Windsor Castle to see exactly where Meghan and Harry held hands in front of the entire world, or find a lovely abode elsewhere. If there's a crown waiting inside, then you know the royal lifestyle is just meant to be.