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5 Meghan Markle Engagement Ring Replicas, Because We All Want Some Fairy Tale Bling

The ring Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle is seriously dreamy. It's exactly the kind of ring you'd expect for a fairy tale wedding. Meghan Markle is one lucky gal, and now, we get to see this couple tie the knot, as the royal wedding is finally here. On Saturday, May 19, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will say, "I do," and some gals in relationships would probably love to say "yes" to these Meghan Markle engagement ring replicas.

I don't know about you, but this whole royal wedding frenzy has forced me to take a deep dive back into my dreamy wedding Pinterest boards, and I'm adding that ring to my collection. We might not be able to afford the same ring as Markle, but one can dream. According to Town And Country, the gorgeous ring was designed by Prince Harry himself, and it includes stones from his mother's jewelry collection in addition to a diamond from Botswana. How romantic is that?

These six engagement rings that will definitely make you do a double take, because they resemble Meghan Markle's design a bit.

Now, let's take one last look at the real engagement ring Prince Harry gave to his beautiful bride-to-be.

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Maybe you need a closer look at this stunner, so here it is again.

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Alright, now that we have that gorgeous ring in our minds, we're ready to find some bling for ourselves. We may not be marrying an actual prince, but we all still deserve our own prince to make us feel like a true princess with a ring that glistens so perfectly.

1This Bling Will Look Stunning On Your Ring Finger

Meghan Ring — 2.5 Carat Cushion Cut ZAYA Moissanite Engagement Ring


This replica on Etsy is almost too good to be true. From the three glistening stones, right down to the elegant band, this ring looks pretty similar to the one Markle is wearing. It may not be customized by Prince Harry or embellished with Princess Diana stones, but there's no doubt this bling will make you fall head over heels in love.

2This Ring Looks Like It Popped Straight Out Of A Fairy Tale

Three Stone Two Tone Diamond Engagement Ring

MDC Diamonds

This bling is seriously fit for a princess. You'll feel like a royal rocking this gorgeous ring on your finger on the regular, and will certainly smile whenever you look down at it. Major brownie points to bae if they get down on one knee with this stunner. Honestly, you'll be so in awe looking at this gem, don't forget to say "yes" to your soulmate.

3You'll Be Sold On This Regal Design

Cathedral Setting Three-Stone Square Halo Engagement Ring

Doumato Jewelers

If you're looking for a replica, but want to add your own twist to it, this ring is meant for you. Markle's wedding band looks like its gold, but this design is also available in 18KT white gold, 18KT yellow gold, 18KT rose gold, and platinum. Whatever your taste may be, you can tweak this particular ring to your liking, and swoon for eternity when it's on your finger.

4This Ring Is Complete And Utter Perfection

Old European Cut Engagement Ring

Cynthia Britt

Who wouldn't say "yes" to this 18k yellow gold and diamond engagement ring? I know I would — it is beyond elegant and classy! You can have a custom ring done similar to the above pictured design, which also just so happens to look very similar to Markle's ring style. You can customize it any way you want to work with your budget and personal taste. This baby will be glistening whenever you step outside in the sunshine, so prepare for everyone to stop and stare at your bling.

5This Design From Kay Jewelers Is A Clear Winner

Three-Stone Diamond Ring 14K Yellow Gold

Kay Jewelers

This breathtaking design by Kay Jewelers is pretty spot on to Markle's engagement ring. From the three stones, to the band, you just might not find another replica as close to Markle's. Cheers to your very own happily ever after with your forever person, and this beauty of a ring they picked out for you.