A couple in nice clothes, decorates their backyard for a date night.
Here's How To Have A Backyard Cinderella Ball With Your SO This Halloween

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Halloween at home with your partner can still be a dream come true. This year, consider celebrating All Hallow's Eve with a romantic date night under the twinkling stars with a Cinderella-themed ball. Since this is brand new territory (and you don't have a fairy godmother to call upon), you'll need to know how to have a Cinderella ball in your backyard for Halloween on your own.

When you think of Cinderella, pumpkins, glass slippers, and dancing the night away likely come to mind. All of that is invited to the party. You just need to know how to showcase it all in a fun and Insta-worthy way. It's time to dust off that stunning gown you've been waiting to wear again and curate a playlist that will make you want to slow dance the evening away with the love of your life. Pop some champagne (if you're 21 or up) and make your backyard sparkle like you're in a real-life fairy tale.

Your goal is to make this Halloween at home a real dream come true, so follow these 10 steps to "bibbidi-bobbidi-boo" it all into place for a Cinderella ball in your backyard. The best part of all is that the fun doesn't even have to stop at midnight.

Pull Out That Stunning Gown From The Back Of Your Closet

You know that dress you wore once for a formal wedding or to a school dance? You felt like a real Disney princess in it, but haven't had another occasion to pull it out of your closet. Or perhaps you splurged on a Lirika Matoshi Cinderella-inspired dress, but you haven't been able to wear it quite yet. Well, now's your chance. Put it on and feel like Cinderella.

Do Your Hair And Makeup With A Princess-Like Tutorial

Even though you're in the backyard, you still want to look the part for the ball, so try a Cinderella hair tutorial and makeup look. Go with a classic animated Cinderella bun or long waves like Lily James in the live-action Cinderella. Incorporate a lot of glitter gel ($7, ColourPop) into your look to really make it sparkle.

Add Twinkle Lights To Your Outdoor Space To Dance Under

For your backyard decor, you need a ton of twinkle lights. Not only do string lights add a dreamy glow, but they'll keep your backyard lit all night long. That way, you and your partner can continue dancing even after the clock strikes midnight.

Give 'Em Pumpkin To Talk About With Gourd Decor

It wouldn't be a Cinderella-inspired bash without pumpkins. Mix some real pumpkins with giant stacked decorative ones for plenty of gourd decor. Snap cute couple pics posing with a pumpkin or two, and pair your favorite one with a punny pumpkin caption for Insta.

Mix Up Sparkling Cocktails That Shimmer

Toast to a fa-boo-lous Halloween with your boo and sparkling cocktails. Mix up a sparkling wine cocktail and add some edible glitter ($14, Fancy Sprinkles) to your glasses so your drinks really do look magical.

Put Together A Dreamy Playlist

It's a ball, so you need just the right tunes to set the mood. Put together a romantic playlist with some of your favorite slow dance songs, but also add a few of your favorite Halloween ones into the mix, too.

Make Tasty Pumpkin Treats That Are Fit For Royalty

Fall is all about pumpkin-flavored everything, so be sure to keep on the pumpkin theme with your menu. Have fun making pumpkin pasties or pumpkin cheesecake bars and then arranging them onto a pretty pedestal. You can even have a savory pumpkin-themed dinner to enjoy before you start dancing, complete with pumpkin soup and pumpkin hummus.

Make Your Very Own Bibbidi-Bobbidi-BOOtiful Photo Booth

If Cinderella was attending a ball in the modern world, there would definitely be a photo booth set up for guests to enjoy. Since your entire evening will be an Instagram-worthy one, you'll want to have amazing snaps to post later on. Set up a cute photo booth for you and bae to take pics in to ensure your Halloween memories will live on forever.

Stream 'Cinderella' Movies In The Background On A Giant Screen

Set up a giant screen or white bed sheet to project Cinderella movies on it. You can even end the evening cuddling up close with cozy blankets as you watch one of the movies beneath your fairy lights.

Set Up Glass Slipper Decor

Glass slippers certainly need to make an appearance at your ball. Get yourself some decorative glass slippers to place on your table next to some small pumpkins for a really sweet centerpiece.