A happy couple barbecues in the backyard together.
10 Backyard BBQ Date Ideas That Are Oh-So Barbe-cute For Instagram

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Burgers, grilling, and drinks — oh my! Your backyard barbecue doesn't have to be so predictable. If you and your partner are thrilling for grilling, you just need to know how to upgrade your backyard barbecue to make it extra special. A little creativity goes a long way when it comes to lighting up date night and firing up the grill.

Of course, coming up with fresh ideas on the fly for the same old plans can be easier said than done. But, we've come up with ways to make your backyard barbecue unlike any you've ever experienced. For example, instead of grilling up your typical burgers and hot dogs, try grilled salmon or Mexican-style street corn. You should also go the extra mile in decorating your backyard space. Look to Pinterest for some inspo when you're setting the table. You can even switch up your usual summer songs playlist for something more romantic.

It's still BBQ night; you're just adding a bit more flavor to the mix to create something magical. If you still need a little help putting it all together, these 10 backyard barbecue ideas will hopefully help inspire you to try something new that'll make this summer really shine.

Switch Up The Menu For Something Extra Tasty
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One of the easiest ways to upgrade your backyard barbecue is by grilling up something different. Ditch the burgers and hot dogs, and instead, challenge yourself with a brand new tasty recipe.

Try something with lots of flavor like halibut with orange parsley butter and grilled asparagus or Mexican-style street corn. Whatever you decide to make, be sure to plate it in a super appetizing way.

Decorate Your Table With Lots Of Floral Arrangements And Candles

Trade in your gingham tablecloth and paper plates for some Pinterest-level decor. A cute, simple way to instantly upgrade your table setup is by arranging some fresh blooms from your garden or the farmers marker into mason jars. And candles. Lots and lots of candles are necessary.

A Chocolate Fountain Is A Sweet Idea

A chocolate fountain makes any plan sweeter. No need to worry if you don't have one at home. You can make your own version by melting chocolate in your slow cooker, and have some fruit skewers for dipping. Give yourself tons of choices with white, dark, and milk chocolate. You can even add in some of your favorite liqueur for a fun flavor (if you're 21 and up). Sweet, am I right?

Put Together A Dreamy Playlist That'll Make You Want To Slow Dance

Your usual barbecue playlist may consist of summer songs like "California Gurls" by Katy Perry or "One Love" by Bob Marley. Since this BBQ is for date night with bae, try a different playlist that's filled with romantic tunes.

Stream some dreamy songs like "Come Away With Me" by Norah Jones and "You Are In Love" by Taylor Swift that will make you want to slow dance together. These songs can even be the perfect mood music in the back of your extra sweet IG stories.

Create A Signature Couples Cocktail To Serve In Mason Jars

A special couple calls for a specialty cocktail — especially at a barbecue. Combine some of your favorite ingredients to create your very own drink. Name it with something punny like, "I Want To Whiskey You Away," or, "My Sweet-Tea." Make sure to serve your drinks in cute mason jars or fun pineapple tumblers.

Set Up A Cozy Area Under The Moon For Stargazing And Cuddles
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After enjoying your delicious food, you'll want to relax in an extra cozy space. Make a comfy area in the backyard with tons of pillows and blankets to snuggle up in after dinner. You can serve up post-dinner drinks like Baileys coffee in mason jars. Then, enjoy an outdoor movie and grab your binoculars or telescope for stargazing.

Make Your Space Extra Dreamy With Tons Of Fairy Lights

If you're backyard barbecue is happening at night, make sure to have tons of dreamy fairy lights strung in all the right places. Use colorful lights to make your backyard extra vibrant, or a string light curtain to create a wall of lights.

Dress Up Even If You're Chilling In The Backyard

Since it's date night, you want the cutest pics. Even if you're just stepping out to the backyard, you can still get totally glammed up. Put on your favorite sundress and try a cute braided hairstyle. That way, you're feelin' fine and can get some amazing snaps with your boo.

Set Up Some Fun Games To Play

While you're enjoying cocktails, try playing some fun backyard games. Set up a Jumbo Tower Game, but put silly truth or dares on each of the blocks. So, whenever you pull a new one, you have to do whatever is on that block. I'd ask for extra smooches, but that's just me.

Have A Picture-Perfect Charcuterie Board

Another tasty treat to enjoy during cocktails is a charcuterie board. Put together something that's totally Instagram-worthy with all your favorite cheeses, fruits, and crackers. Use some wine and cheese board captions to post pics of your creation.