A happy mother and daughter hug each other, while sitting in the backyard.
10 Really Unique Backyard Birthday Ideas For Your Mom

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If your mom is your bestie, you'd do everything in your power to show how much you appreciate her — especially on her birthday. Showering her with all that love means putting together a fabulous plan for the occasion. You already have the perfect location right at home, and these backyard birthday ideas for your mom will make the planning process easy and fun.

If you asked your mom, she'd probably be modest and say she's cool with just spending time with you, but you know she deserves so much more. That's why it's time to think of something epic. You've got prosecco, presents, and decorations on your to-do list, so deciding on a party theme like any of these 10 backyard birthday party ideas will help.

Use your own backyard for inspiration. If your space has a lot of gorgeous blooms, you might want to consider hosting a garden tea party or making floral arrangements together. You could even take a trip down Memory Lane and recreate your fave backyard family photos or watch your mom's favorite movies with an outdoor projector. Create new memories by sipping wine and painting or mixing together homemade candles and soaps.

The possibilities are endless. Simply choose the plan that suits your mom best and have fun celebrating her.

Host A Sparkling Garden Brunch With Mimosas
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You can't go wrong with a birthday brunch. Set up a gorgeous table in the backyard with floral centerpieces. Along with your mom's favorite breakfast foods like challah bread French toast, avocado toast, and blueberry scones, serve a plentiful tray of mimosas. Try different mimosa recipes, and be sure to top each one off with edible flowers for an Insta-worthy display.

Enjoy An Afternoon Tea Party Like 'Alice In Wonderland'

Get all dressed in your Sunday best for an afternoon tea party. Make it Alice in Wonderland-themed and serve up some "Eat Me" cookies on a three-tier serving platter. Shop some tag sales for mismatched tea pots and give each one a theme, such as "painting the rose tea red" or "curiouser and curiouser peach tea."

Get Classy With Croquet And Champagne

Your mom is the queen of this party, so she should celebrate like royalty with croquet and champagne. Set up a croquet course in your backyard and dress the part with stylish sun hats and floral dresses. Celebrate a good game with a glass of champagne (or two) and a toast to the lady of the day.

Have A Blooming Good Time Making Floral Arrangements

If your mom loves to garden, she also probably loves showing off her latest blooms. Putting together DIY floral arrangements will make show and tell so much easier to do. And if you don't have a garden, pick up a great assortment of blooms to work with, and several vases to display them in.

Make Masterpieces While You Wine And Paint

Wine and paint is always a great idea if you're 21 or up. You love just chilling with your mom, talking, and drinking a bottle of your favorite wine together. Instead of painting canvases, you and your mom can paint wine glasses to enjoy during your next mother-daughter wine night together.

Recreate Old Family Photos For Nostalgic Memories
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Have a throwback party where you and your fam recreate some of your favorite photos that were taken in the backyard. It'll be fun strolling down Memory Lane and remembering the good times. Plus, you'll have some great Instas to post on throwback Thursday.

Give Your Mom The Special Treatment With An Outdoor Spa Day

Your mom deserves to be pampered — especially on this special day. Make her birthday all about relaxation. Create an outdoor spa where you give her a manicure while she lounges. Then, have her soak in an inflatable swimming pool with homemade bath bombs. Don't forget to keep her wine glass filled.

Throw A Color-Themed Party For Your Mom's Signature Shade

If your mom has a signature shade — aka, her favorite color — put together a color-themed party. Perhaps your mom's favorite color is pink. Have everyone dress in pink and make sure all the decorations are pink. For pink's sake, don't forget the pink velvet cupcakes and rosé.

Have A Scent-Sational Time Making Homemade Candles

Stay on the DIY train and make homemade candles in your backyard. Pick out your mom's favorite essential oils and mix together a signature scent just for her. Then, follow a candle making YouTube tutorial. When the sun goes down, light them up.

Set Up A Projector For A Movie Night Under The Stars

Get cozy for a movie night in the backyard. Set up a super cute theater with a projector, screen, outdoor pillows, and blankets. Then, pick your mom's favorite movies to stream. Don't forget to get the birthday-themed popcorn poppin'.