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The Designer Behind The Viral Strawberry Dress Is Dropping A Dreamy Cinderella Collection

If you've been on Instagram or TikTok recently, you're probably one of the many people who are currently daydreaming about wearing and twirling around in the infamous strawberry dress. It's no wonder why this flowy, pink dress has gone viral, and the strawberry dress designer's new Disney Princess x Lirika Matoshi collection for Cinderella will become your latest obsession. If you think the strawberry dress is whimsical, just wait until you see these fairytale-esque designs.

The new collection is a collab between Matoshi and Disney to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the animated classic, Cinderella. You'll really feel like a Disney princess in each one of the four dresses featured in this collection. If you love the strawberry dress for its pretty pink color, you'll adore the vibrant pink shades as well as the sky blue and forest green. Though, instead of glittery strawberries covering each one of the gowns, you'll find accents like pink bows and white clouds.

These Disney Princess x Lirika Matoshi dresses were made for dancing the night away under the stars in a garden. And the best part is, unlike Cinderella, you don't have to worry about the magic disappearing after midnight. Continue to twirl in your flowy dresses for as long as your heart desires. If "this is love," the collection is available for pre-sale now and will become available for purchase when the collection officially launches in late August.

This Wish Upon A Dream Dress

This Wish Upon A Dream Dress is very reminiscent of the dress Cinderella had made for the ball, complete with delicate pink bows all over. The sweetest part is, the bows progressively get bigger as they go down the dress for a fun little detail.

This Pink Skies Midi Dress

If you're constantly daydreaming of happily ever afters and your Prince Charming, you'll vibe well with this Pink Skies Midi Dress. Instead of pink bows, this dress features fluffy white clouds.

This is the perfect dress for dancing around in flower fields or in your backyard garden. It can be dressed up with some gorgeous, sparkly slippers or dressed casually with your fave denim jacket for a Taylor Swift-inspired photoshoot in the woods.

This Princess Bow Dress

This dress ties you together nicely with a giant pink bow — literally. The Princess Bow Dress will make you look like a present, and it's perfect for a cocktail hour with your besties or afternoon tea time. Not only does this dress look like a giant bow, but it's in the shape of a heart. It's whimsical and fun, and you can caption your pics in this dress with puns like, "Feeling absolutely bow-tiful."

This Glass Slipper Gown

According to the official press release, Lirika Matoshi was inspired by the setting of Cinderella for this collection, and you can really see that in this Glass Slipper Gown. The blue dress resembles a sunny day in the countryside with gorgeous green hills.

It has peak cottagecore vibes going on, and like the Pink Skies Midi Dress, this gown also has fluffy white clouds all over. This dress was meant for daydreaming and making wishes.

If this collection is everything you've ever dreamed of, you'll want to start saving now. Though, it doesn't hurt to try wishing for your fairy godmother to come along and gift you the entire collection. Now, that would be a real dream come true.