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Here's How To Create An Oktoberfest Experience In Your Own Backyard "Pub"

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Your backyard has turned into a pub of sorts this summer, because it's the spot where you mix up mocktails and sip crisp ales in the sunshine. As fall approaches, though, you want to pumpkin spice things up and learn the ins and outs of how to create an Oktoberfest experience in your backyard. It may not be exactly like the real thing that takes place in Munich, Germany, but you know it'll be Insta-worthy and a reason to celebrate in traditional Dirndls and Lederhosen.

Thanks to your semester abroad or the pictures you saw of your friends attending the event in Germany when they were abroad, you may have a few ideas for this at-home event already. You may have saved a delicious pretzel recipe or two to make the night before. You might've also called your brother and asked if you could borrow his beer boot that he won at an Oktoberfest event at a local brewery last fall. Those details will help your backyard version feel like the real deal, but we've rounded up the items you may need to buy to complete the entire experience.

Games, music, and funky drinkware — we've covered it all so you don't miss a beat this fall. Send invites to your friends so they can attend virtually from the comfort of their own homes, and charge your camera so you can snap pics of your whole setup. After checking those boxes off your to-do list, pour a drink and get ready to enjoy these items and ideas.

Make Salty Snacks In This Adorable Pretzel Maker

Every party needs snacks, and no Oktoberfest would be complete without pretzels. Enter, this adorable pretzel maker. It's perfect for making a bowl of homemade treats and will be worthy of your Instagram Story as well. Once you bake the mini pretzels in this appliance, sprinkle sea salt on top of them for a snack that's jam-packed with flavor.

Munch On Kettle Corn That'll Pair Well With Your Drinks

In addition to pretzels, you're going to want to have tasty and crunchy snacks on hand like this organic kettle corn. It totally fits the vibe of an Oktoberfest celebration, and will pair nicely with the beer you're sipping all afternoon. If you purchase a four-pack, you can share some with your roommates or drop some off at your friends' houses, too.

Open Your Drinks With This Novelty Bottle Opener

You may not be able to travel to Germany to experience this event IRL, but this bottle opener will feed your wanderlust in no time. It's shaped like an airplane to make you feel like you are *actually* at a pub on the other side of the world, with a group of friends who are also collecting souvenirs and good times. Use it any time you crack open a water or beer during your very own Oktoberfest.

Pour Your Beer Or Soda Into These Glass Steins

For your shindig, these glass steins can act as centerpieces and be filled with cute flowers, or hold your nutty beer. Either way, it'll certainly be a topic of conversation with your friends who are on FaceTime or Zoom. They'll want to know where you got it, or how heavy it is when it's all filled up.

Once the conversation settles, be sure to clink this stein gently against your laptop's camera and say, "Cheers!" It'll kick off your backyard event with good vibes and authentic sips.

Wear A Long Skirt Or Traditional Lederhosen

If you have traditional Lederhosen, now is definitely the time to pull it out. But, if you don't, substitute this long skirt for that look. It's made of linen which will be very airy while you dance around to classic German music and play games. It can also be styled with chic braids that'll look formal, fun, and authentic.

Play Some Beer-Related Games

Oktoberfest has an epic variety of beer tents and carnival rides and games. You'll want to channel that vibe during your backyard celebration. You can get creative here so you can play with your friends via FaceTime or Zoom. You can buy this box filled with beer games including beer trivia and "Guess That Beer," which will be the hit of the afternoon.

Set Up A Speaker On An Outdoorsy Side Table

Playing German music is a must for your at-home Oktoberfest. It'll set the mood for the entire event, and turn your backyard into a dance floor. This outdoorsy side table will be the perfect place to set up a bluetooth speaker and a few coasters so you can put your drink and snacks down.

Turn On This Neon Leaf Light When The Sun Goes Down

When the sun goes down, the camping portion of Oktoberfest typically begins. For you, this could mean turning on this LED leaf light and continuing to have fun with your friends virtually. It'll light up the "pub" you have set up with different coolers or essential snacks. Not to mention, it can be brought inside after to film a fun video for Instagram Reels once your Oktoberfest is all said and done.

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