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These Super Trendy Wine Essentials Are Everything For A Backyard Tasting This Fall


This summer, you've learned that backyard plans are so underrated. There's nothing quite like kicking back on your patio, relaxing, and uncorking your favorite bottle of wine. That's why, as fall approaches, you should really learn all the ins and outs of how to plan a wine tasting at home. Get ready to whip out your favorite wines, charcuterie delights, and chic glasses, and take two or three days to straight up sip and chill.

You don't want to miss out on the amenities like aesthetically-pleasing cheese boards and tasting menus that you'd usually enjoy at an actual winery. You can still experience those perks right in your own backyard — and you don't have to take off your slippers. Although you might not have views of endless vineyards or the Californian mountains, you can create or shop everything else that falls under the category of "luxe" and bring your wine-ing experience to the next level.

Fall is still a few weeks away, so you have time to place an order at one or many of these shops and create a grape at-home experience. Be sure to snap pics of your final set-up that includes these products. Your followers are sure to be inspired to plan their own wine tasting right at home, too.

A Timeless Charcuterie Board

The first product on your list should be a timeless charcuterie board for cheese, grapes, olives, prosciutto, salami, and spreads. The right board will instantly upgrade your tasting and overall look by giving your snacks a special place to chill. This one from Etsy, in particular, will steal a spot on your kitchen counter or backyard fire pit and fit right in with your decor as well.

A Set Of Chic Glasses

You can't have a wine tasting without a set of chic glasses. You need at least four so you can test different bottles, note fruity or earthy flavors, and sip them while chatting with a friend over Zoom. You also need them to make a statement on your IG feed. These wine glasses will do the trick and also make you feel like you're sipping at a beautiful vineyard in France, Australia, or Italy.

A Membership To A Wine Club

Another essential for an at-home wine tasting is, well, wine. It seems obvious, but you can easily forget to order a rich merlot or cabernet if you're handling other tasting details. That's why you should consider signing up for a wine club, and have seasonal flavors delivered right to your door. McBride Sisters Collection has a four-bottle and two-bottle monthly club.

A Set Of Linen Napkins

After you have the basics like wine, well-displayed snacks, and glasses, you have to think about what will make your excursion extra luxe. Colorful linen napkins will spice up your tasting and also play a vital role in any photo shoots you have. They come in a variety of colors and quantities, so be sure to choose what will work best for you.

This Adorable Side Table

You may already have a couple of chairs and a table to set up your snacks and wine. But if you don't or are in the market for a better setup, then check out this side table. It'll easily fit on any patio, deck, rooftop, or balcony, and you can even purchase the chairs that match it. Toss a checkered tablecloth onto it for an extra winery touch.

A Wooden Clipboard

What's on the menu for your wine tasting? That's a question you won't have to ask after displaying your dishes on a little wooden clipboard. In your free time, you can type and print out the different appetizers you're going to serve and other drink options you have, and then put this menu next to your setup on the day of. Whether you're enjoying your tasting with your SO, roomie, BFF over Zoom, or yourself, this professional-looking touch won't go unnoticed.

These Minimalistic Tasting Cards

Whenever you go to a tasting, you're probably gifted a tasting card to write down your notes on each red blend or Pinot Grigio. This at-home wine tasting can, and should, be no different. So, pick up these wine tasting cards on Etsy. Then get ready to sip your new favorite and jot their labels down after printing them out at home.

A Cute Canteen

In between wines, it's necessary to cleanse your palate, and that's where this cute canteen will be your new BFF. Fill it up with ice cold water and display it in just the right spot. It's a perfect addition to any wine tasting event and will serve you in many other ways during your grape backyard escape, too.

A Bluetooth Record Player

To complete your at-home wine tasting this fall, get yourself a bluetooth record player. It'll allow you to set the #mood of your wine tasting, and mentally help you escape to the state or country to match your wine. You'll feel so relaxed when you're holding your wine glass and listening to perfect background music. In addition, it will really make your Insta pics look super trendy. Don't be surprised if your followers want an invite next time.