31 Instagram Captions For Brewery Pictures That Perfectly Say, "Wish You Were Beer"

You and your friends are always looking for something exciting to do. You may have already checked brunch, wine tastings, and champagne cruises off of your bucket list. Next up on your to-do list — if you're 21 or up — is to check out a brewery. It's a beer lover's paradise to enjoy a sampling of different ales. There could be a local brewery that's your go-to spot on the weekends, or while you're on vacation, you want to check out where your favorite beer is made. Either way, you need Instagram captions for brewery pictures.

I don't know about you, but my family likes to check out different breweries when we travel. I've taken a tour of Alaskan Brewing Co. when we made a stop in Juneau on a cruise. We tasted a flight of some of their most populars beers, and it was really cool to learn about how each one gets made.

You might have a local brewery like Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles, California, or Stony Creek Brewery in Branford, Connecticut, where you and your friends can meet up on the weekend for a tour and just to hang out. While you're trying different beers, you'll want to snap a few sippin' selfies with your crew.

For all the pics you end up taking, you'll want to use any of these 31 brewery Instagram captions. You'll be too busy having fun and trying to remember which beer on your flight's your favorite. So let me make the posting process as easy as possible, because you'll want to take a pitcher. (It'll last longer.)

1. "Wish you were beer."

2. "Don’t worry, beer hoppy."

3. "This brewery is un-beer-lievable."

4. "Hanging with good people, and drinking good beer. No complaints here."

5. "Life is too short to drink bad beer."

6. "Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder." — Kinky Friedman

7. "Beer is better when you drink together."


8. "Love is ale we need."

9. "Don't stop, beer-lievin'."

10. "My friends and I drink local."

11. "When I sip, you sip, we sip."

12. "Catch flights, not feelings."

13. "I'd tour anywhere with you."

14. "The best beers are the ones we drink with friends."

Monkey Business/Fotolia

15. "Something's a brew-ing."

16. "Just brew it."

17. "I knew you could brew it."

18. "One pint, please."

19. "They said, 'take a pitcher, it'll last longer,' so we did."

20. "Sunday Funday."

21. "Chill for best results."


22. "Sip, sip, hooray with my best friends at the brewery."

23. "To beer, or not to beer. That is the question."

24. "I'm just here for the pretzels."

25. "Hello? Is it beer you're looking for?"

26. "Beer is made from hops. Hops are plants. Therefore, beer is a salad."

27. "Love brew very much, beer."

28. "Happy new beer!"

29. "Thank brew very much for spending the day with me."

30. "You better beer-lieve we went to a brewery."

31. "Felt crafty, might delete later."