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Here's How You Should Spend Christmas Morning, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Georgina Berbari
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Christmas morning is such a magical and nostalgic time. It's easy to feel like a child again amidst all the gifting and generosity and warmth and festivity that the holiday season brings. While everyone has their own traditions, you might be interested in knowing how you should spend Christmas morning, according to your zodiac sign, to mix things up this year.

Each sign within astrology has different characteristics and personality traits that make them so uniquely awesome. And since Christmas morning usually centers around things like opening presents, making a huge breakfast spread, putting on Christmas music, and so much more, naturally, each sign will have a designated activity they're eager to do on the morning of this heartwarming holiday.

Aries Will Def Wake Everyone Up Bright And Early

Dynamic and confident Aries isn't shy in any sense, and that means they'll be letting themselves into their loved ones' rooms and shaking them on Christmas morning, regardless of the time. To those family members, I say to get to bed early on Christmas Eve, because Aries will be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed throughout the entirety of Dec. 25.

Taurus Will Brew Coffee And Hot Cocoa For All

This earth sign is loving and luxurious and would never let Christmas morning go by without brewing a copious amount of coffee and cocoa for everyone to enjoy. (And if you've got an Aries in your house, you're definitely going to need it.)


Gemini Will Blast The Christmas Music

You can always find an outgoing Gemini to work the aux cord and bump all the fire holiday tunes. Hope you're ready to hear them all, because knowing how indecisive this air sign can be, they'll be clicking through all the greatest tracks, old and new.

Cancer Will Cook Up An Incredible Brunch Spread

Cancer — aka the parent of the zodiac sign — will be busy at work whipping up the most decadent and glorious brunch spread for everyone to enjoy. Eat up, because it's sure to be delicious.

Leo Will Insist Everyone Wears Matching Christmas PJs

Leos are super creative, but they can also be a little bossy sometimes. They're definitely not afraid to demand that everyone in the group wear matching PJs, because what would Christmas morning be without such memorable (and cheesy) snapshots?

Virgo Thinks That Watching A Christmas Movie Is A Must

Virgos make sure to cue up Elf, The Santa Clause or The Polar Express (or a marathon of all of the above) on the TV so that immediately after present-opening timed, everyone can enjoy a nice, Christmas movie and chill.

Libra's Down For Whatever, As Long As Everyone's Together

Laid-back Libra goes with the flow and just wants everyone to be joyous and content. In their book, Christmas morning is about no plans and total relaxation.


Scorpio Pretends To Hate Festivities, But Is Actually The Most Thoughtful

Don't play coy, Scorpio. While some of these water signs may consider holidays such as Christmas to be overrated, they can also turn around and give the most thoughtful present anyone has ever given.

Sagittarius Still Leaves Milk And Cookies Out For Santa

Optimistic and joyful Sagittarius will never stop putting out treats for jolly old St. Nicholas. It is tradition, after all, and this fire sign is nothing if not happy and optimistic.

Capricorn Wants To Volunteer

Capricorns are known for their drive and determination, and they want to make sure people who don't have the means to celebrate Christmas can still enjoy the holiday. They'll probably want to donate to a local shelter, or volunteer at a soup kitchen, so rise and shine and get ready to start a day of giving back.

Aquarius Will Surprise You

Unique and inventive Aquarius always has something up their sleeve, so you can bet they'll make Christmas morning one no one will forget. Whether it's by giving their family an innovative present or gifting everyone with a surprise performance, everyone will be talking about their contribution for years to come.

Pisces Will Be Giving Out All The Presents

Compassionate, comforting, and kind Pisces wants to give out all the presents underneath the tree, because that's just how they roll. Nothing gets them more emotional than seeing the light in their loved ones' eyes when they're opening their gifts.

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