Here's How To Get First Dibs On ColourPop's Spring 2019 Collection Before Anyone Else

Courtesy of ColourPop

If you're a beauty lover, you have no business sleeping on ColourPop, especially since they never sleep, period. At least, I assume they don't, because how else could they churn out so many great new collections so quickly? It seems like every time I fall in love with their latest palette or powder, they've moved right along to the next great liner or fun new colorway, and if you're curious about how to get ColourPop's Spring 2019 Collection before anyone else does, there's a surefire way to snag it as soon as it drops. The brand is doing something they've never done before, and to ensure you can still shop the line the second it launches, read on and take notes, because it's all happening super soon.

Forget heading to the brand's website when the collection drops on Saturday, March 9. Instead, you'll need to use the app NTWRK, and if you don't already have it, now is the perfect time to download. NTWRK is self-described as "a cross between QVC, ComplexCon, and HQ Trivia." Alexa, play "Best Of Both Worlds" by Hannah Montana, please! NTWRK is still fairly new, but they've already launched a few collections from the app, including a K-Swiss sneaker drop and the Levis x All Star capsule collection (Which, hi, sold out almost instantly, if you don't remember.). This time around, though, the focus is on beauty, and what better brand to turn to than the majorly social media famous ColourPop?

And to do so, a social media star is equally necessary, so count Youtuber Niki DeMartino in, natch:

A little confused? TBH it's so simple, and pretty fun, too, if you ask me. On March 9 at 5:00PM PST, users can open the NTWRK app and watch an episode in which DeMartino hits up the ColourPop HQ in Oxnard and goes behind the scenes of how the makeup is made. I have literally always wanted to know the ins and outs of a beauty lab, so you bet your bottom dollar I'll be watching! Once the episode is through, viewers will be able to shop ColourPop's new spring collection straight from the app.

NTWRK gave a tiny sneak peek of the drop on their Twitter, and OMG, it looks amazing already:

DeMartino loves contrasting cool and warm tones, often pairing her blue strands with an orangey eye, so it's no surprise the collection has lots of springy corals and oranges:

One thing to note is that the products won't be sold individually, but as one large bundle, which will retail for $127.20. For this price, shoppers will get one eyeshadow palette, six lipsticks, six jelly eyeshadows, and six blushes. Hi, that's a lot of product! Like, enough to scrap all my old, expired makeup in the name of spring cleaning and start anew with this fresh, springy line.

In my eyes, ColourPop can literally do no wrong, so I already know I'll love the whole thing:

Courtesy of ColourPop

Considering social media is usually what fuels my desire to play with new makeup — I could scroll through beauty hashtags on Instagram for hours, and believe me, I do — it's a cool concept to have an app give shoppers first access to a new collection. If you agree, be sure to download NTWRK and get ready to watch and shop on March 9.