The Zoella x ColourPop Line Is Dropping Soon, So You Can Serve Looks While You're Served Brunch


I feel like no brand-influencer collab has been as hyped as the Zoella x ColourPop collection, which only proves that people love nothing more than a sweet content creator, reasonably-priced products, and of course, a brunch theme. Personally, I'm counting down the days until the products drop, and if you're wondering where to buy the Zoella x ColourPop Collection, allow me to fill you in so we can both delight in snatching up the goodness before it inevitably sells out.

ColourPop is one of those brands that's constantly churning out new releases, but it seems like every new line and product feels fresh and well-thought-out, not just a way to stay relevant. They always have fun themes and good shade ranges, plus colorful packaging that isn't over-the-top to the point of making their items unreasonably expensive. Dare I declare it the perfect brand? Seriously, what more could we ask for? And as someone that practically grew up watching Zoë Sugg on Youtube — as well as someone with an awfully strong affinity for brunch, as I'm obsessed with French toast and mimosas — this has to be my favorite makeup collection to date.

You could say I'm "hungry" for these products to launch, if you catch my drift:

So, let's talk when and where to shop it all, people! The entire Zoella X ColourPop Brunch Collection drops on February 27 at 10:00AM, PST exclusively on the ColourPop website. And even better, the brand is offering free worldwide shipping tomorrow, too, with no purchase minimum or discount code needed. A true blessing!

I can't wait to rock a bronzy eye like this at my next brunch with the girls:

Or one with a shimmery cut-crease, like so:

In fact, I will abstain form ordering blueberry pancakes until I can recreate this exact look and wear it to my fave pancake place for celebratory brunch!

TBH, I've always considered brunch to be a ~lifestyle~ (lol) so it makes sense that my beauty routine be brunch-inspired as well. If you don't recall, Colourpop previously released an Over Brunch Lippie Kit in 2017, long before the new Zoella collection ever existed, and it was a total fan favorite, both because of the fab shades and the major BBE (Big Brunch Energy). I assume the name was meant to reference getting complimented on your lipstick over brunch, not being over the idea of brunch, because clearly, it's still the brand's favorite meal.

Me trying to determine who truly stans brunch and who's just there for the eats:

Truth be told, mimosas (and French toast!) did used to be my favorite part of brunch, but now the possibility of wowing my tablemates with my beauty look courtesy of the Zoella X ColourPop Brunch Collection has taken priority. No one is allowed to drizzle their maple syrup or Instagram their eggs until my eyeshadow is acknowledged, new rule! Fortunately, the collection is so cute, I doubt I'll have to fish for compliments. And because I'm a great friend, I'll be sure to bring a few of the new lip sets to gift to my friends, since brunch is about more than just treating yourself.