ColourPop Is Launching Brand New Lux Blur Lipsticks That Nourish While You Wear, So My Lips Are Thrilled

We're already a little over a week into the new year, and I still haven't decided on my go-to beauty look for 2019. It's almost like I've been waiting for some new products to launch and spice up my makeup bag. Clearly, ColourPop heard my prayers, and they've announced they're dropping the new ColourPop Lux Blur Lipsticks on January 10. Could it really be the answer to my beauty slump prayers? These lipsticks look so rich and smooth, it certainly seems like it.

ColourPop Cosmetics is renown in the beauty world for two things in particular. The first is their super-resonable pricepoint, with a majority of their products costing less than $10 and delivering payoff comparable to that of high-end products that cost five times the price. The second is their variety of highly praised lip products; the brand has seven different iterations of traditional and liquid lipsticks, not to mention a variety of liners and glosses, too, and it's practically impossible to watch a beauty guru on Youtube or Instagram recount his or her favorite lip products without one of ColourPop's own working its way into the lineup.

With this in mind, fans were psyched to hear of a brand-new formula launching in 2019: the Lux Blur Lips:

Exciting, isn't it? While the brand's Lippie Stix ($6, were some of their first lip products, they're better known for their range of Liquid Lipstick ($7, formulas, including their Ultra Matte Lips, Ultra Blotted Lips, Ultra Satin Lips, and Ultra Metallic Lips. When they decided to try out traditional bullet formulas, they launched their Luxe Lipsticks ($7, in Crème Lux and Matte Lux versions.

Fast forward almost one year later (The OG Luxe Lippies launched January 31, 2018), the newest bullet formula is here, and it's all about the blur:

The Lux Blur Lip is described by the brand as a matte lip product that delivers a "soft focus finish" thanks to soft blurring pigments, along with major color payoff and long weartime. The formula is said to create a blurred effect by "filling and smoothing over fine lines," which sounds pretty ideal to me, given that the dry winter weather has left my lips a little crusty. Honestly, this formula seems like the perfect solution, as I want a matte lip look, but can almost guarantee a liquid lipstick would be too drying and give off that crunchy, unappealing finish. Like the other Lux Lipsticks, these contain pomegranate, goji fruit, and grape seed extracts to soothe lips while you wear.

Plus, there's sixteen shades to choose from — and I can guarantee "Hey Mr. DJ" is about to be my go-to winter nude:

If you're into bolder hues, though, these swatches look pretty fab, too:

Oh, did I forget to mention the best part? These babies will be retailing for only $7, just like the other Lux Lipsticks, so you can try one out, fall in love, and then scoop up the rest without breaking the bank. The Lux Blur Lips launch January 10 exclusively on the ColourPop site, so if your pout need some nourishment but you still want to rock a bold shade, don't hesitate to give these a shot.