Rethink Your Brunch Plans, Because The New Zoella x ColourPop Line Will Be Your New Brunch Date

Courtesy of ColourPop

While winter has me hibernating under blankets in my bedroom, the first signs of spring always inspire me to re-emerge myself into society, often by way of inviting my friends to brunch for a much-needed french-toast-and-catch-up sesh. Seeing as I've been anti-social for the past few months, I always take these brunch dates as golden opportunities to show off some fierce new beauty looks, so when I found out that the brand-new Zoella x ColourPop Collection would be brunch-themed, I immediately knew I'd found the perfect products for my pre-pancakes glam sesh. An OG Youtuber, my favorite meal, and a fantastic makeup brand — it's as if I dreamed up this collection during said winter hibernation, and the products are as wonderful as that first bite of a perfect brunch omelette. Okay, I'm done talking about breakfast food, sorry. Let's get into the products!

But first, if you aren't familiar with Zöe Sugg, she's a Youtuber, author, and beauty brand owner herself, who started posting videos way back in 2009, and has amassed a whopping 11 million subscribers since then. Her brand, Zoella Beauty, focuses mainly on luxe, fun bath and body products, from body mists to sugar scrubs to bath soaks, so a color cosmetics company like ColourPop is the perfect brand to align with to launch something totally new.

"Brunch is served" the brand teased before giving us all the full deets on the collab:

TBH, I'm almost as excited about this collection as I am about actual brunching. We're talking eyeshadows, pressed powders, liners, and lippies galore, all in fun, breakfast-y packaging:

Courtesy of ColourPop

In my humble opinion, the star here is undoubtedly the Brunch Date Shadow Palette, which will retail for $18. The 12-pan palette features mostly warm neutrals, plus a pop of royal blue for a blueberry waffles vibe. Talk about the most dreamy go-to shade range I've ever seen!

Like, excuse me while I take selfies the whole time we're at brunch, because I can't get over how good my eye makeup looks:

Courtesy of ColourPop

Can we talk about some of the shade names really quick? "Pancakes Please," "Skinny Latte," "Sundae Funday," "Sunny Side Up," "Extra Slice"? I'm buying partially for the colors, and partially for these fun names. I also love the smattering of heart-shaped pans thrown in for good measure!

Don't sleep on that blue swatch, people!

Courtesy of ColourPop

There will also be two Supernova Shadows in the collection at $7 apiece. "OG" is described as a gold champagne with a sprinkle of silver glitter, and "Bellini" is a metallic rose gold. These are the perfect one-and-done eye products for when you won't really be awake until two cups of coffee into your brunch sesh.

Obsessed, am I right?

Courtesy of ColourPop

Last but not least in the eye department, there will be two $5 metallic Crème Gel Liners, a black called "XOXO" and a chocolatey brown called "Sincerely Yours."

I dare you to lose this bright orange packaging at the bottom of your makeup bag. It will be impossible:

Courtesy of ColourPop

Before we move on and discuss all things lips, let's talk about the cheek products, aka two gorgeous Pressed Powders, which will retail for $8 apiece. "Soul Mate" is a peachy pink blush I need to mask my pale winter complexion, like, ASAP, and "Swipe Right" is a soft peachy highlighter with pink duochrome and the best name of all time. Just saying.

It's safe to say I'd "Swipe Right" on both of these, to be fair:

Courtesy of ColourPop

Onto the lips! ColourPop's specialty, I daresay. There will be three lip bundles packaged in milk carton-esque boxes, aka the cutest packaging my eyes have ever seen. They'll contain two products per carton, and each will have one of the following pre-existing Lippie Pencils: true red "Bossy," pinky nude "Oh Snap," and warm nude "Little One." Accompanying these will be three all-new shades of Ultra Matte Lips, including red "Self Love Club," mid-tone nudey pink "@Me," and warm nude "Little One."

I love that they went with matte lipsticks for this collection, so I can really chow down at brunch without worrying my color will smear or fade:

Courtesy of ColourPop

I officially refuse to make any brunch plans until I'm wearing a full face of Zoella x ColourPop products! If you feel the same, don't fret, because the whole line launches soon. You can shop the collection when it drops exclusively on the ColourPop site on February 27. Until then, catch me spending the last few days of my winter hibernation in bed, no doubt dreaming about future spring brunch dates to come.