BTS’ Jungkook’s Quote About His Mixtape probably means you will get new music soon.

Jungkook Just Gave BTS Fans An Update On His New Music, So Get Ready

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There have been hints about Jungkook's mixtape for way too long. It seems like Jungkook has been teasing solo music for forever — but luckily, since September 2019, the BTS ARMY has had a bit more hope than usual. Now fans should be even more optimistic, as BTS’ Jungkook’s quote about his mixtape might be promising new music coming soon.

On an "AskAnythingChat" session on YouTube, BTS went through a list of questions that fans wanted answers to. The list ranged from everything from favorite candy to what song they would choose in a lip sync battle to who's hair smells the nicest to — you guessed it — when Jungkook's mixtape will be coming out.

Obviously that last question is what a lot of BTS fans want answers to. So how did Jungkook respond? His answer was actually great news for fans who have been waiting. When asked the question, Jungkook replied, "I'm working on it, actually I recorded all the songs but I need to record them again... so I'm trying to release one song first rather than the mixtape." So maybe you won't get the full mixtape right away, but this means that Jungkook is working hard on it, and likely you will get to hear one of the songs very soon.

The previous update on Jungkook's mixtape was back on Sept. 27, during J-Hope's VLIVE session. As J-Hope was talking about his new song, "Chicken Noodle Soup" featuring Becky G, Jungkook ended up crashing the video and surprised fans by announcing his mixtape. This all went down after BTS took an extended vacay, which started following their Lotte Duty Free Family Concert performance on Aug. 11 and then ended around mid-September.

So, although there isn't exactly a set date for Jungkook's mixtape, it's clear that this isn't an empty promise and there is new music from the youngest member of BTS on the horizon.

According to an article from Billboard, BTS is the first K-pop group to score a Billboard Music Award (BBMA). The only other Korean artist to win a BBMA was Psy ("Gangnam Style"). Any BTS ARMY member knows that, but little Jungkook, born Sept. 1, 1997, has grown up "in front of the eyes of BTS' ARMY, and is an all-around talented performer," which is totally why fans want to see this mixtape become a reality.

Other BTS members have released solo projects, but fans are still waiting for Jungkook's solo debut. For instance, V's track "Winter Bear" and Jimin's solo song "Promise", and the "Chicken Noodle Soup" track from J-Hope are all bangers that allowed BTS members to shine on their own.

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Though the BTS May 2018 interview with BuzzFeed is really what started this excitement over a potential mixtape from Jungkook, fans have been patiently waiting ever since, hoping that it would become a reality. TBH, it shouldn't be that surprising of an idea since Jungkook is known for covering songs by himself, and you can actually find a few YouTube compilations of Jungkook's covers quite easily. One notable cover is Jungkook's version of Charlie Puth's "We Don't Talk Anymore," which was basically pure gold.

At least fans can tie themselves over by listening to Jungkook's covers, but seriously, this has been a long road waiting for Jungkook to finally drop his own mixtape. IDK about you, but once there is an actual date of release, I am marking my calendar and counting down the days.