The One Insta Caption That's Meant For Your Festival Pic, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Is your social media ready for festival season? The flower crowns and bohemian street style are right around the corner — and if you're headed to Coachella and the like, I hope you've started to consider your captions. You've planned your outfit, and know exactly what artists you're hoping to see during your days in the desert. You'll want this weekend to last forever. It's only necessary that you pose for way too many pictures with your crew, too. The stars picked your best Instagram caption for festivals, solely based on your zodiac sign. So, if you're still figuring out your look, you won't have to worry about the likes.

Festivals make for the most fun posts. The lighting is almost always ideal between the sunshine or the vibrance coming from the stage, and the ferris wheel and other carnival rides are such a nice backdrop. What more could you really ask for?

You spent a few summers scrolling through your feed and seeing all of the celebrities come out of the weekend with such cute candids while you were sitting on your couch. Your wanderlust was so real, and you wanted nothing more than to be there experiencing the unreal atmosphere for yourself.

Now, it's your time to shine. You'll be surrounded by music lovers who appreciate all the good vibes and artists you like just the same. So, look to the stars for your Instagram caption this festival season — and your social media game will be oh-so-strong.

kittyfoxdavies on Twitter

This festival season, you don't have a worry in the world, Aries. You've handled a lot in your lifetime because you're always diving headfirst into all of the challenges that come your way. But, this weekend is all about having fun with your best buds — and everyone already knows you'll be leading the pack as if you were basically Beyoncé.

If you were ever to take the stage, you'd be the headliner. You just radiate an amazing amount of confidence at all times, and that would attract all of the fans to you and your setlist. When it comes to music, you're probably one to have playlists full of pump-up music and tracks with so much energy. This quote will seriously fit your music festival (and not to mention, life) mindset.

desireeprotz on Twitter

You love to be surrounded by love and beauty, Taurus. But, you also know that all of that comes from within yourself. You trust your own two hands the most — which is why if you weren't in the audience, you'd probably be working lighting or making sure the atmosphere was just right for you and your crew.

Music festivals are full of good vibes, and you're most excited to be a part of such a cool crowd. You probably already know about all of the essentials you can't forget to pack. After all, you tend to be really responsible, and couldn't imagine leaving behind a camera or even a (necessary) tube of sunscreen.

buildteamz on Twitter

When it comes to social situations, you're a pro, Gemini. There's not a soul in the festival season crowd that you couldn't strike up a conversation with. It's because you can so easily adapt to new surroundings and realize what people appreciate. You're going into this scene with an open mind as always, in hopes that you'll find a few new artists to follow along the way. There's so much music in this world, and you'd hate to limit yourself to seeing just the big acts during the weekend.

This quote, chosen for you by the stars, will speak to your current tribe and all the new friends you find as well. Whether you're camping out near the stage or just casually checking out a festival for a day, you're bound to leave with some new besties.

luiluhdat on Twitter

You don't always have all of the right words, Cancer. But, lucky for you, the stars always know exactly what to say. You love your favorite songs, because they put your deepest and most complex emotions into words and make you feel like somebody really understands. Connecting with others has always been sort of difficult for you, but this festival season, you're going to find a lot of new friends who have the same mindset. Kind of refreshing, right?

This quote will remind you of all of your reasons to dance. There's a whole soundtrack right inside of you at all times, and you'll forever be one of those people that when it rains, you run right out into it instead of watching it just from the window. You'll for sure find yourself at this music festival, and want to share it on your feed.

xomelissarenee on Twitter

Happy doesn't even begin to describe what you're feeling going into music festival season, Leo. This is honestly what you've always been waiting for, and probably the moment when you'll absolutely peak. Think about it. You're surrounded by all of your favorite people, the sun in shining, and you're a summer baby living your best life. Does it get any better?

Truth is, you'll be filling people with so much wanderlust through their iPhone screens as you're finding yourself amongst the palms. All the good vibes are going your way, and you won't want to put a limit on the amount of love or life you're about to experience.

childmusicnetwk on Twitter

You're an earth sign, Virgo. And always one to pay attention to the little things when you're listening to a new song. You take an extra second to realize the lyrics, and appreciate the beat drop. Like every other aspect of your life, the small things take the biggest stage and you give them extra love.

You know that without music, your life just wouldn't be the same. You're the one in your crew who constantly puts in the hard work, and you keep yourself fairly grounded in your goals. Music, for you, has always been a way to change your perspective, because the universe knows that you often set your sights on one thing and don't budge. This festival season, you'll have to go with the flow more than ever, but you're excited to get outdoors and have an experience.

cindy_locher on Twitter

Your friendships are one of the most important things to you, Libra — and you're going into festival season looking for a fun weekend with your best friends. Sure, you're excited to see the headliners and even the smaller acts that have been given the chance to play on the star-studded stage. But, your ticket comes with experiences and memories that will last forever, too.

This Carrie Bradshaw quote probably doesn't need to be just limited to the music festival in your life, and might make a great Instagram caption for any picture with your people. But, the stars have decided that you could use a little inspiration and peace-of-mind going into such an epic weekend.

itstartstoday on Twitter

You've got a lot to be grateful for, Scorpio. If you've finally made it to a music festival, then you're feeling good and loving life. You're a water sign, so you're ready to go with the flow of the weekend. You're also ready to get a lot of good stories out of having the time of your life with your squad.

Truth is, you always follow your heart because you live for passion and everything that comes with it. Over the years, you've come to realize that when you radiate good vibes into the universe, you always get something super sweet back. A music festival will be full of people who are just happy to be here, and are effortlessly smiling the same as you. This quote will bring that atmosphere to your followers and keep the love on your feed forever.

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Posting on social media is the only time you're planning on being on your phone this festival season, Sagittarius. Truth is, you live for experiences, and you'd rather soak in your surroundings and everything they have to offer than to let these moments pass you by. You're always doing adventurous things, so your followers are probably going to be anxiously awaiting your music festival post. They can't wait to see what you're up to, and live vicariously through checking something so cool off of your bucket list.

You've had your passport stamped a lot of times so far, but there's still so much more to see. A music festival might not land you in an airport, necessarily, but it's still quite the trip to take when all is said and done.

corinnemorris on Twitter

Quality over quantity. Right, Capricorn? You've been to a lot of shows over the years, and are probably one of those people who follows their favorite artists all the time and tracks down the indie ones, too. Going into the weekend, you've looked up lyrics so that you can sing along and watched enough music videos to know exactly what songs will get performed. You're really no rookie to all of this.

But, you know that some parts of the music festival scene can be overrated. You're not looking to snap that cliché candid, or even have an average experience. According to the stars, this quote will remind all of your followers that the best music won't just be a hit on the radio and will last long after this weekend is over.

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One of the best parts of festival season is seeing all of the street style. Odds are, if you're scrolling through Instagram, you're going to see endless amounts of pictures of people in their flower crowns and throwing glitter and the like in their hair. Aquarius, you're planning on making your feed just like that, and putting some personality in your posts.

You've been planning your outfit for weeks, and looking on Pinterest for all of the latest trends. Your look is going to show off the best sides of you, and you're not holding back on buying a fanny pack or any part of this experience just the same.

yourhourlyquote on Twitter

Music is your escape, Pisces. When the real world gets to be too much, you turn to your perfectly curated playlists and let your mind wander into other points in time. I think that's often why there are so many songs that people hold close, and why we'll always flock to the festival scene. For one, it's hard not to connect to the feelings that these artists have finally been able to put into words. And for two, we could all use even just a second away from our schedules and the like.

This John Lennon quote will speak to your star sign, and bring that soulful vibe to your social media. We all have a soundtrack we'd love to play in the background of our lives — and you're looking to live in a daydream.

Thank goodness the stars have got your social media game covered — because even if you're too broke for the usual festival scene and doing something else music-related with your squad, you'll want to post a picture and needed the Instagram inspiration.