8 Positive Affirmations To Repeat Before Dating In The Summer Months

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The truth about dating during the summer is that it’s just as tricky as it is thrilling. There’s no doubt that come June, there’s an inherent sense of romance in the air — plus, thanks to the unparalleled weather, many dating prospects come out of hibernation, and you have so many more options for cute dates. That said, people travel more in the summer, which means you’re at risk of falling for someone who’s just visiting or looking for a fling. Not only that, but it’s tough to maintain momentum when you’re dating in the summer months, because you and your potential bae may be in and out of town on trips.

Needless to say, you’ll need to adopt a positive mindset in order to gracefully handle all of the hassles that come with dating during the hotter season. The best way to do that, of course, is by integrating affirmations into your daily life. In case you’re unfamiliar with this technique, it involves regularly repeating a particular phrase to yourself in order to boost your self-confidence and encourage an overall positive mindset. And who couldn’t use a little dose of optimism and a boost of self-esteem when it comes to dating?

While dating in the summer may not be easy, it’s all about having the right attitude. Try integrating these affirmations into your life and you’ll be primed for a romance-rich summer.

My needs matter, and I will honor them.
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It’s all too easy to convince yourself that you’re down for whatever during the summer. Something about the carefree attitude of the season can cause you to throw caution to the wind — and while that can certainly be a great thing in certain instances, you also want to make sure you aren’t tossing your standards out the window, either. Taking a moment to acknowledge what you’re looking for, whether it’s a serious, committed relationship or a no-frills fling, will help to reinforce those needs, thus making you more likely to stay true to them.

I am grateful for every experience.
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The reality is, not every date you go on will be a success. There will be times when you come home, downright disheartened, because the conversation was awkward AF, or because you discovered that the only thing you and your date had in common was living in the same city. Guess what? That’s not a bad thing. The more you start to see these dating fails as an opportunity for learning and growth, the less you’ll be discouraged by them. This affirmation simply reiterates the idea that every single experience, whether or not it leads to love, is valuable. Remember – don’t get so focused on the destination that you forget to enjoy the journey, sis.

My past does not define me.
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We’ve all made mistakes. Maybe you even made the same one twice (shoutout to that on-again, off-again ex). Beating yourself up over your previous dating missteps is only going to hold you back from moving forward. So, rather than dwelling on that hipster bartender you hooked up with for far too long despite hoping for more, or your lame former bae who didn’t treat you well, shift your focus toward the future. It’s one thing to reflect on the past and learn from it, but it’s quite another to obsess over it. This affirmation reminds you that while your past may help to shape who you are, it does not dictate the direction you’re going in.

And when in doubt, you can repeat Ari's wisdom via "thank u, next": "I've got so much love / Got so much patience / I've learned from the pain / I turned out amazing."

I am worthy of love.
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Between rejection, unreciprocated feelings, and brutal breakups, dating can take a serious toll on your self-esteem. That’s why it’s ultra important to remind yourself that you deserve love. If you don’t think you’re worthy of love, why would anyone else? When you truly believe that you deserve to be with someone who recognizes how amazing you are, that attitude emanates — and in turn, you’re sure to attract someone who does.

I’m open to adventure.

Once you start viewing dating in the summer as an adventure, you’ll likely begin to feel more excited about it. Sure, you’ll probably need to take a few risks, like asking that cutie at the country music fest for their digits, or texting your longtime work crush to grab a couple of craft beers. But as they say — no risk, no reward.

I am resilient.
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Sometimes, it’s really difficult to bounce back when someone ghosts you, breaks it off, turns you down for a date, or otherwise disappoints you. Not only can it be an ego blow, but it can leave you feeling vulnerable and timid about putting yourself out there again. That’s where this affirmation comes in. Reassure yourself that you are resilient, and you’ll be able to take those letdowns in stride.

If I give love out, it will come back to me.

Really and truly believing that love will come your way starts with this simple affirmation. I’m a firm believer that you get what you give. So, if you’re putting positive energy out into the world, showing people love, care, compassion, and respect, then you will attract all of those things in return. As long as you love fiercely and boldly, you will surely be on the receiving end of that very same kind of love — whether it’s this summer or farther down the line (patience is a virtue!).

I am complete.
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If you’re making dating a priority this summer, try not to get too fixated on the idea of finding “The One” (or at least the one for right now). While having a partner-in-crime to bring to all those backyard BBQs and outdoor concerts can certainly be fun, you can still have a stellar summer being single. So, repeat this affirmation when you feel like you’re starting to obsess over the idea of having a significant other. You don’t need anyone else to “complete” you — you are already whole.

There are so many ways to incorporate these affirmations into your daily life. You could say them out loud while looking in the mirror, write them into a daily self-love journal, or even set reminders on your smartphone that pop up at various times of the day. However you choose to use them, however, they’re bound to give you a much-needed boost of self-assurance to fuel you through all those romantic summer adventures.

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