Two friends sit in swinging chairs and drink wine on a summer day.

BABE Wine Is Selling Tie-Dye Kits To Spice Up Your Chill Weekends

Thomas Barwick/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Do you have another chill weekend planned? If so, you're probably ready for a new adventure that you can take in your backyard, next to your pool or in the comfort of a cute, outdoor swing. Here's the hot scoop: BABE Wine's tie-dye kits are here, and they'll spice up your typical Saturday and Sunday.

They have everything you need to celebrate a few days off in style, from bottles of rosé to a sweatshirt that reads "BABE" on the sleeve. For those who have been watching tie-dye tutorials on TikTok and wondering how they can get in on the year's most colorful fashion trend, the wine brand has included all the supplies you need from elastic bands, to bottles, and the Rit dye itself. It's honestly a dream come true for someone who is on the lookout for fun and unique things to do while at home in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. This kit will help you live your #bestlife at an affordable price.

The best part? Sitting poolside isn't required to enjoy it. You can lay out your favorite beach towel in your driveway, set up your speakers with a funky playlist, and soak in what it has to offer in your already-incredible space. You and your BFF can both order one, so you can tie-dye and sip on wine together via a Zoom or FaceTime call. If you do opt to purchase one, here's what you can expect.


There are three different kits you can choose from for your chill weekend ahead. They include The Grigio Kit, The Red Kit, and The Rosé Kit. Each come with a four-pack of BABE's Wine, with the kind of wine being relative to the pack you choose, and tie-dyeing amenities. In the kit, you can expect to receive a white cropped hoodie with the bold phrase "Cancel 2020" on the front and the brand's name on the sleeves. There will also be a pair of white bike shorts with the brand's name, and white socks.

Each kit comes with two packs of dye, with the colors varying based on which kit you purchase. The Rosé Kit, for example, comes with pink and blue dye. The Grigio Kit comes with yellow and royal blue. Take this into consideration when you're picking out your kit and imagining what you may create. If you're recreating a specific #look from TikTok, you might prioritize the color of the dye over the type of wine you want. Of course, if you want to toss in your own dye or items that are not included in the kit into your afternoon plans, you totally can.


The kits will be available starting Saturday, May 23, 2020 on the brand's website. Each kit will be $99.99, which is a pretty good deal considering how much you're able to get. To pick one up for yourself, open up your phone and head to Follow the checkout process and then start daydreaming about your future tie-dye and wine hangs.

If you're having a Memorial Day weekend celebration with your roomie or SO, then you two may want to crack open those cans of wine during your virtual party. If you're planning on doing something chill, like play Animal Crossing: New Horizons all-day next Saturday, schedule out an hour to tie-dye and sip wine. Let this kit spice up your typical plans so you can score some new content for the 'Gram and a few new pieces in your closet. Even if your tie-dye creation doesn't come out as planned, it really won't disappoint!