A group of friends hangs out on FUNBOY's Giant Dayclub pool float while in an infinity pool overlook...

This Giant Cabana Float Is Here To Make A Splash In Your Backyard

Summer is on your mind, and rightfully so. With the weather on the warmer side, you're beginning to make iced coffee before work instead of a steamy brew. In your spare time, you're saving sunny photos on social media to recreate in June, July, and August. With one look at FUNBOY's Giant Cabana Dayclub pool float, you'll truly be ready to hop in the water with your pup and a sweet playlist by your side.

That's because it encapsulates everything you love about this season. It's a mesmerizing place to dip your toes in the clear water and sip the tasty cocktails you tried making with a recipe from TikTok. When you want to soak up the sunbeams, it's a luxurious spot to lounge with your bottle of sunscreen and will make you feel like you're checked into a five-star island resort and forget about the to-do lists that may be tucked into your planner's pockets.

Not to mention, this giant pool float has the perfect name, because it's a massive attraction that'll sit in your backyard this summer, and give you a reason to celebrate life. Here are all the details you need on this floating paradise and what VIP-like experience you have to look forward to after tapping the "Add to Cart" button.


First things first: This FUNBOY float is aesthetically-pleasing. Its features include a removable sun-shade that gives you the option to get your tan on, or relax without worrying about sweating in the sun beams. For the moments when you want to cool down or splash around in the pool, it has two mesh foot baths where you and your besties can dip your toes in the chlorine while simultaneously enjoying any snacks and drinks you brought aboard.

The cooler that's conveniently located right in the middle of the lounge spots in this float is probably its best feature, as it can keep your drinks nice and chilled while you read a book you downloaded on your e-reader, or take selfies to show off your backyard excursion on social media. Of course, if you're hanging out at home with your roommates, siblings, or SO, this cooler can also act as a make-your-own bar and really upgrade your casual hangouts to a #lit two-person party.


The float holds up to four people, but it can absolutely be enjoyed with a special someone or alone. In fact, if you only have two people on this big float, you'll get more of an opportunity to try out the padded seats, or to find an angle that makes your photos and the water-sprinkled backrests shine.

Are you conviced that you need this? Same. To purchase this float in all its summertime glory, head to the FUNBOY website. It has a price tag of $369, but it's worth every penny, especially since a portion of the profits will be donated to Feeding America to support those in need due to the coronavirus pandemic. Go through the checkout process and then wait for your sweet package to arrive.

Once it does, be sure to blow up your float in your backyard, place it in your pool, and embrace that summer state of mind. The warmest days of the year are here, and you won't want to miss out the epic hangs you can have right at home.