American Apparel's New Denim Collection Goes Up To Size 36 & Has Chic New Washes

Courtesy of American Apparel

As someone who doesn't love the feeling of buttoning up a pair of stiff jeans, I can honestly say that shopping for denim isn't exactly my favorite thing. The only thing that makes it bearable for me is finding irresistably cute styles that make me excited to add them to my collection, and this year, American Apparel's New SS19 Denim Collection is the number one line catching my eye. Not only are there a ton of fun washes — from light to dark to rainbow, yep — they also go up to a size 36, so tons of people can take their jeans for a spin.

Like I said, my main issue with jeans (And the reason I'm a die-hard leggings lover!) is that sometimes, they can feel stiff and uncomfortable. Like, I've been known to wear a belt with a large buckle to hide the fact that my top button is undone; sometimes I just have to let it out, you feel me? American Apparel decided to go against the grain and design with "comfort and versatility" in mind, according to their press release, and thus, this denim collection was born, available exclusively on the American Apparel website.

At first glance, the new drop has me itching to create a girl gang of denim-wearers:

Courtesy of American Apparel

AA said comfort was key in their new designs, and if a pair of jeans allows me to do this...

Courtesy of American Apparel

...And this, then I'm definitely interested:

Courtesy of American Apparel

Don't get me wrong, I hate stiff, uncomfy jeans year-round, but especially in summer, since I need to not overheat in my denim. There are men's and women's pieces in the new lineup, and the brand's signature High-Waist Jean ($78,, amongst other pairs, is debuting in two fun new washes.

The Rainbow Wash is everything I want in a pair of pastel denim, and it gives me '80s tie-dye camp vibes I want on my body ASAP:

The other gorg new wash launching is the Pink Tinted Wash, seen here on the Denim Button Front A-Line Mini Skirt ($58,

And of course, there will still be classic denim shades to choose from, like the Light Wash seen on these Denim High-Waist Cuff Shorts ($58,

As well as the classic Medium Wash, on the very of-the-moment Crop Wide Leg Jean ($78,

I'm loving the new washes, but it's pretty likely I'll stock up on some of the standard denim pairs while I'm Adding to Cart. In the name of comfort, you best believe I'm snagging the Easy Hot Short ($38,, the brand's coziest short made from stretch denim, for those long summer days when I can't be bothered with stiff, stuffy denim.

These babies come in sizes XS to 2XL, as well as three washes. AA, if you're reading this, drop these in the Rainbow Wash before festival season, plz:

So, who wants to join that girl gang of denim-wearers I mentioned earlier? There's never been a better opportunity:

American Apparel's SS19 denim collection is live on their site exclusively as we speak, so if you're in need of a new pair of baby blues (Or rainbows, or pink tints...) they've got you covered.