Tie Dye Is Back, Baby, & These New Colorful Vans Are The Perfect Way To Try The Trend


Paging my 13-year-old self, good news: Tie dye is back, baby! All those shirts I made in my arts and crafts classes and at camp are finally as in style as I thought they were back then, and I'm officially delcaring tie dye the most unexpected and nostalgic trend for spring 2019. Guilty of tossing our your old tie dye tees when you went full Marie Kondo on your closet? No worries, as the new tie dye Vans are an even cooler way to try out the trend, and now you've got room to pick up a few pairs.

Way back in my youth (aka practically five minutes ago, I'm a toddler), all good tie dye had the primary colors, red, yellow, and blue, plus a few pops of secondary shades like green and purple for good measure. That was it, plain and simple! Maybe a pop of pink if I was feeling fancy, but nothing more! That said, Vans has been playing with tie dye in a variety of colorways, and a search for "tie dye" on their site yields a whopping 78 results. I love options, people! Especially tie dye options. And while the options already on the site are exciting, sneakerheads are even more excited about a trio of new Era sneakers to be released in March, each in various muted tie-dye colorways, per High Snobiety.

Imagine Avril Lavigne and the members of My Chemical Romance and Green Day all went to summer camp together and had to create their own on-brand tie dyes. These sneakers fit the bill:

A strange but incredibly accurate suggestion, am I right?

Old-school Avril would have absolutely rocked these yellow-and-black tie dye kicks with style while belting out "Sk8r Boi" onstage, don't you think?


And we can all agree that the red-and-black version was basically made for MCR fans who can't let go, correct?


Last but not least, something about the green-and-black version of the Eras just seems very Green Day-approved to me. Like, someone send a pair to Billy Joe Armstrong, stat:


The three new Eras launch in stores and on the Vans website in March, and for now, only the "Blazing Yellow/True White" Tie Dye Era ($60, is available to shop online. If you're craving a little more color than these edgy two-toned tie dyes, there are a ton of options on the site you can snag right this second.

There are a few other tie dye patterns listed as New Arrivals on the Vans site, including the vibrant pastel "Multi/True White" Tie Dye Slip Ons ($60,

Note the embroidered skeleton hand clutching a rose for good measure. This pink, blue, coral, and teal blend is also available on Sk8-His and Authentic sneakers, if you aren't a slip-on fan.

Another new, colorful option are the bold "Mysterioso/True White" Sk8-His ($70, vans.comis), which feature a punchy shock of lightning yellow:

These babies have rainbow laces and a strip of yellow cutting through a blue, fuchsia, and purple tie dye print. They're also available as Old Skools and Slip-Ons, should you choose to pass on the Sk8-His. Real talk, buying a pair of tie dye Vans is immensely easier than creating tie dye on your own, and just as fun, in the eyes of a devoted online shopper. Be on the lookout for the new tie dye Eras to hit the Vans site in March, and if you're waiting til then to shop, try not to be tempted by all the tie dye goodness already on the site.