These Denim Trends Will Dominate 2019 & You Probably Already Own A Lot Of Them, TBH

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

New year, new you—I'm sure you've heard that saying before. Personally, I prefer new year, new wardrobe—and maybe some self-improvement thrown in there for good measure. Point being, it's time to delve into 2019 denim trends so you can get your closet on track to ensure you're on top of all the looks and pieces du jour come January 1. The good news? Most of the denim that you'll be seeing next year will be carryover styles from what was trending this year, so add a few new pieces into your repertoire and you will be good to go.

From dark wash sets and detailed hems to wide leg styles and some cute embroidery, 2019's denim looks to be super cool and wearable. Below, short descriptions of each upcoming trend as well as a few options for each. New year, new jeans. That has a nice ring to it.

It's All In The Hem

Hems with subtle and not-so-subtle design details have been trending for a handful of seasons and we've seen everything from feathers to knots to zippers to slits being added on to the bottoms of pant legs. It's a fun way to draw the eye down and infuse an otherwise plain outfit with a stylized kick.

Wishy Washy

From dreamy tie dye to a throwback acid effect, denim washes have never been better. Whether you prefer a super faded and subtle wash or one featuring bright indigo contrasted with an uber soft blue, multicolored denim is in.

In Stitches

Embroidery is also back with a bang, but not necessarily in full-on floral and insect form as popularized by Gucci. 2019's embroidery takes on a much more delicate and 2000s feel where tiny flowers or cherries or the like reign supreme.

That's Dark

Denim sets in dark washes are another repeat trend but they look so edgy yet sleek that how could they not be? I especially love those boasting exposed stitching in a contrasting hue and those that have a workwear vibe to them.

Wear The Rainbow

2019 fashion is all about colors—incredibly bright ones, at that. Living coral, marigold, and neon are all trending, so it makes sense that denim in equally eye-popping hues would be too. Blue jeans will forever be a classic must-have staple but why not infuse your denim collection with some life via extra playful pigments?

The Ripper

Everyone born in the '90s has had a parent ask why they would buy ripped jeans. Get ready for an onslaught of that same question because torn up jeans to the point of them being shredded are back. Holes from the thigh to the ankle were everywhere on runway denim and they're so extreme that your parents and grandparents might be reduced to tears.

Open Wide

Many hate them, but I am of the opinion that Jnco style rave pants are beyond rad. Luckily, lots of influential designers think so too and sent wide leg jeans down their runways for spring 2019. I like to wear mine with a fitted knit black crop top and my low top Vans for a comfy throwback look.

Which baby blues are you into?