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All The TikTok Clothes To Buy That'll Bring Your Dance Vids To The Next Level

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You spend hours learning the different moves for every popular dance challenge on TikTok, so why not spend some time shopping for the glowing shoes and shirts that'll make your videos pop? A fire look would certainly raise the bar for your competition, and maybe even snag you some rad comments like, "This needs to be on the #ForYou page." Start by looking at these TikTok clothes to buy for your next dance challenge and seeing what appeals to you.

Truth be told, there will always be new trends you can add to your wardrobe, like tie-dye sweatsuits, graphic tees, and cool sneakers. But, it's most important to find what looks and feels good for you. You might want to add items to your cart that you can imagine yourself doing "The Renegade" in, or that you think would spruce up the #bffdance you're going to slay with your roomie. At the end of the day, these TikTok clothes will gear you up to master a successful dance challenge video.

Add these items to your cart like it's your full-time job. These TikTok clothes are a mix of what's in and what would look totally rad in your next dance video.

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A Pair Of Light-Up Sneakers

At the beginning of quarantine, you may have downloaded the TikTok app and hung up LED lights around your room to give your videos a spectacular glow. This trend got a major upgrade, so you can now bring the glow wherever you decide to film a new dance video. These light-up shoes ($33, Amazon) will seriously hype up your followers while you show off all of your dance moves.

This Pair Of Plush Sweatpants

This plush pair of sweatpants ($40, Garage) is an unexpected upgrade for your closet. What makes them so notable? They come in a multitude of tie-dye prints, and are comfortable for when you're filming a dance video. Purchase a pair and dress them up or down with hats, earrings, and crop tops.

A Knit Sweater Vest

Someone alert Chandler Bing from Friends that sweater vests are in. TikTokers love pairing sweater vests with jeans, a cute headband or bandana, and a mini purse. You can rock one in just about any color, thanks to a myriad of brands, Etsy sellers, and vintage shops carrying them. This sweater vest ($50, H&M) is neutral, ensuring that it'll match with some energetic pants.

A Drop Shoulder Cardigan

At first glance, you may think this drop shoulder cardigan ($28, Cider) is a vintage gem. But, it's actually from the trendy brand, Cider, that many TikTokers are now showing off in haul videos. The pattern features a baby blue and white picnic blanket pattern that would pair nicely with a funky pair of pants or a printed dress.

A Pair Of Statement Pants

TikToker @aegorama may be the queen on funky pants, and in this video, she shows off her collection featuring animal prints, stripes, checkered prints, and more. She includes pairs from I.AM.GIA, a brand that has an awesome selection of funky pants including this pair of neon green cargo pants ($40, I.AM.GIA). Find a pair to dance in, whether it's this statement piece or another.

Hair Claws

Hair claws and clips are a must-have for your next video. They keep your hair out of your face and are stylish accessories to add to your overall vibe. These hair claws ($24, Anthropologie) come in different colors so you can match them to your mini bag or slide-ons. They're also no stranger to the '90s fashion trends that are on the rise.

Gold Hoops

Get yourself a pair of gold hoops for your next dance challenge, and you just might get on the #ForYou page. It comes as no surprise that gold hoops are all over TikTok, as they pair well with every single look you could dream of. You'll likely rock this chic pair of gold hoops ($70, Mejuri) 24/7.