Harry & Francesca on Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle'

OMG, A 'Too Hot To Handle' Reunion Is Coming To Netflix So Soon


Lana just dropped another bombshell, y'all. But this time, no one is going to be upset about what she has to say. On May 4, Netflix announced a Too Hot To Handle reunion is coming to the streamer in just a few days, and it's apparently going to be, well, hot.

The new episode, titled, "Too Hot To Handle Extra Hot: The Reunion," will hit Netflix on Friday, May 8. The announcement of the aftershow promises to bring together the contestants from the hit dating series for "fresh updates, frisky banter, and a series of spicy games," so it sounds like it'll have a similar feel to the episodes that came before it, plus new info fans have been craving.

Of course, considering the coronavirus pandemic, it wouldn't have been possible for the contestants to gather IRL for a taping of the reunion. Instead, like many other TV show reunions that have taken place in the past few weeks, this episode will feature a virtual reunion of the Too Hot To Handle stars.

Even though they won't physically be in the same place, the former villa-dwellers are sure to be super-entertaining to watch. In fact, it looks like there could even be a proposal of some sort.


In a photo of the reunion shared by Netflix, Harry Jowsey is looking at the camera and holding up a Ring Pop. Though he has a smile on his face, the notorious jokester looks pretty serious about whatever he's doing. Considering he's in a relationship with fellow contestant Francesca Farago and they seem pretty in love with one another, could he be asking her to marry him via video chat?

Ahead of the episode's airdate, it's unclear exactly what's going on in the photo. However, Harry and Fran have already revealed their plans to move in together once the pandemic has subsided, and considering they got their start on a reality TV show, it wouldn't be totally out-there for them to take another big step in their relationship on camera for everyone to see.

As for the other Too Hot To Handle contestants, many of them have been pretty vague about what they've been up to since the show wrapped filming in the spring of 2019, so fans should get excited to hear updates from them. Also exciting? The reunion will be hosted by Desiree Burch, aka Too Hot To Handle's saucy narrator. Fans fell in love with Burch's disembodied voice as she guiding them through the show's ridiculousness, and now they'll be able to see her facial expressions — which are likely to be equally as hilarious — as the reunion's shenanigans play out.

"Too Hot To Handle Extra Hot: The Reunion" hits Netflix at 3:01 a.m. ET on Friday, May 8.