Who is the 'Too Hot To Handle' narrator?

Here's Everything You Need To Know About 'Too Hot To Handle's Sassy Narrator


Let's recount the things that made Too Hot To Handle entertaining AF: a beautiful cast of characters, an omniscient robot cone, a $100,000 cash prize, and, perhaps most memorably, an iconic narrator commenting on all the action throughout. Her sassy quips added to the lightheartedness of the show, as she was always there to point out just how ridiculous its premise and characters were. So, who is the Too Hot To Handle narrator? Desiree Burch has an established history in the entertainment industry.

Part of what made watching Too Hot To Handle so fun was listening to Burch's snarky and smart quips. The upbeat voiceover made it feel like viewers had a friend watching the show with them. "The voice of the narrator really is the person on the sofa," producer Louise Peet told Oprah magazine. "It's the kind of thing that you'd be screaming at the TV."

Casting the perfect person to narrate the show meant the creators had to find someone hilarious, friendly, and conversational. That's why they decided to go with 41-year-old award-winning comedian Burch, who has a history of making people laugh.

Burch's style style of humor was perfect for Too Hot To Handle, as some of her most well-known sets have to do with her own relationship struggles. She's not afraid to poke lighthearted fun at herself or discuss the funny parts about relationships and sex.

Part of what made her the perfect fit for the narrating the relationships in Too Hot To Handle is that she's not afraid to open up about her own personal life in the press. She's widely spoken about her time working as a dominatrix in New York in her early 20s, before she became an actor. In fact, Burch's first stand-up show, Unf*ckable, got acclaimed reviews for its frank look into that part of her life.

Burch's comedic skill, willingness to talk about sex, and personal life experience made her the ideal fit as the narrator. "Her voice was just so perfect for that because she's warm and non-judgmental, which is key," producer Louise Peet told Oprah. "We are not judging these people. It was key to just be on their side."

Now, Burch lives in London and posts about her life's adventures and Comedy Central interviews all over social media. Here's hoping if Too Hot To Handle returns for a Season 2, Burch will also come back to guide fans through it.