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Let's Discuss The Chances 'Too Hot To Handle' Will Get A Season 2

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After Too Hot To Handle was released on April 17, fans went wild for the sexy sexless series. It makes sense the show was an instant hit. A whole bunch of hot people, stuck together on an island, not allowed to have sex — it was a recipe for drama-filled success. And with only eight episodes in the first season, fans are already eagerly wondering if Too Hot To Handle will get a Season 2.

Though Netflix recently announced plans to renew both hit reality shows Love Is Blind and The Circle for second and third seasons, fans likely won't hear about any decision on Too Hot To Handle until the success of Season 1 is fully determined. Luckily, if popularity is the deciding factor for its renewal, things are looking good; the show has consistently ranked in Netflix's top 10 most-watched shows among the streaming service's U.S. subscribers since its premiere.

Though fans can expect to wait a bit for any announcements on a Season 2, series creator Louise Peet is already thinking ahead for ways to make the next installment work. "I have some ideas [for season 2], but I am keeping them top secret for now!" she told People.


However, Peet did tell People she would consider changing the cost of rule-breaking in future episodes. "We knew that the infractions had to be fair and uniform across the board," she said about Season 1. "So, a kiss was always $3,000, but maybe in another [season] — if another [season] happens, then it could be another amount. There are no set rules."

Part of the fun of Too Hot To Handle was watching the reactions as the contestants learned about the surprise no-sex rules, so figuring out how to capture that magic during a season in which contestants will probably already know how things work will be a bit of a challenge. However, since Peet seems to not care too much about keeping things the same, it's possible there will be tons of changes to future Too Hot To Handle seasons.

While fans wait for an official Season 2 announcement from Netflix, they can rewatch Season 1, or follow their faves on Instagram to relive the best Too Hot To Handle memories.

Too Hot To Handle is on Netflix now.

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