The cast of Netflix's "Too Hot To Handle"

Netflix's 'Too Hot To Handle' Cast's Instagrams Are, Well, Hot


With the hype surrounding Tiger King finally dying down, you're probably looking for the next big thing to not be able to shut up about. Luckily, Netflix is ready with the horniest dating show ever. As you get to know the newest crop of reality TV randos-turned-influncers, here are Netflix's Too Hot To Handle cast's Instagrams so you can pick your favorites and virtually fall in love.

In case you're in the dark about Netflix's new sexually-charged show, all eight episodes of Too Hot To Handle hit the streamer on Friday, April 17. The series has many of the same elements of other popular dating shows (tropical location, attractive people, and off-the-wall activities), but there's one key difference: No sexual contact is allowed. This includes sex, heavy petting (masturbation included), and even kissing. As an added twist of the sexual tension knife, the singles on the show didn't realize hookups were off the table when they first arrived, so they're all very aroused when they arrive and very upset when they find out about these rules.

The incentive for this group of painfully hot people to keep it in their pants? Deeper connections with one another. Oh, and money — lots of money. There's a $100,000 cash prize at stake, but each time a rule is broken, an undisclosed amount is deducted from the final sum.

So, let's see what we're working with:

David Birtwistle

David is a movement and nutrition coach, according to his Instagram bio, and he has the muscles to prove it. He posts a mix of glamor shots, product collaborations, and home workout videos that make it seem like her really does want to help you reach your fitness goals.

Haley Cureton

No stranger to tropical locales, Haley is a Florida girl whose IG feed could basically be a series of ads for her bikini collection.

Francesca Farago

The queen bee of the Too Hot To Handle retreat and social media, Francesca is a Kardashian-looking model who splits her time between Vancouver and Los Angeles. In total hot-girl fashion, her profile is full of swimwear shots and pictures of her itty bitty dog.

Harry Jowsey

If photo after photo of the 6'5" Australian doesn't lure you in, Harry's dry humor and cheeky jokes will. According to his bio, he was created in a test tube, and whatever that means, it might explain the interesting phrases he says, like "naughty possums," which he is now emblazoning on hoodies that he's selling on his merch site.

Kelz Dyke

According to his Instagram bio, Kelz is from London and plays for the London Warriors, an American Football team. He also posts a lot of shirtless photos, FWIW.

Nicole O'Brien

Nicole's profile has major girl-next-door vibes. Originally from Ireland but now in London, her feed consists mostly of travel pics, outfit inspo, and lots of emojis.

Rhonda Paul

With plenty of selfies and videos of her blinking, this Atlanta-based model's IG account is full of self-love. It's also evidence of an entrepreneurial spirit; in addition to posting tons of professional-looking shots, she also runs her jewelry company, PureluXX.

Matthew Smith

A man of many talents, Matthew's Instagram bio is full of what keeps his "creative mind" busy. He's the president of a brand called M8W, wrote a children's book, is the COO of a branding agency called Dream Katchers Enterprise, and has had multiple small roles as an actor. If that's not enough, his tatted, hipster style will make any girl who was once a fan of vampire novels swoon.

Sharron Townsend

Welcome to the group, Mr. Pennsylvania 2018. Sharron is a model and, according to his bio, "Mr. Shea Butter Baby," which could be a nickname, a brand, or an inside joke — the jury is still out.

Chloe Veitch

In addition to once competing on UK’s Top Model and taking home a top prize, the Essex model is all about self-love and money management, according to her Instagram bio.

The New Additions

The secret ingredient to most reality shows is adding in addition cast members to keep storylines from getting stale. The producers of Too Hot To Handle were ready with four additional hotties to tempt their original contestants and re-spark some tension.

Bryce Hirschberg

The boat-living boy-next-door seems more than ready to be an influencer. His feed is full of filtered photos, products such as teeth whitening devices, and pics of his pretty blue eyes. According to his bio, he also wrote and directed a movie called Counterfeiters in 2018, so apparently ya boy has range.

Lydia Clyma

When you first land on Lydia's profile, you won't be able to miss her piercing green eyes. But there's a lot more to the mid-season cast addition. According to her bio, she's a TV and social media presenter and was a ring girl in the past.

Kori Sampson

Selfies and shirtless photos seem to be integral to this U.K. model's brand. When he's not in a swimsuit, he's taking steamy shower pics.

Madison Wyborny

A mix of quotes, influencer-style shots, and high-fashion looks grace Madison's profile. She's also apparently a stylist; she has a separate account to show off her eye for fashion.

All eight episodes of Too Hot To Handle hit Netflix on Friday, April 17.