Harry and Francesca on 'Too Hot To Handle'

Francesca & Harry Reveal Their Relationship Status After 'Too Hot To Handle'


Love them or hate them, Too Hot To Handle wouldn’t be what it is without Francesca Farago and Harry Jowsey. Their turbulent relationship was one of the overarching storylines throughout the Netflix dating show, and their will-they-won't they vibe had a huge payoff when they dropped the L-bomb to one another — during a steamy, taboo hookup, no less. By the end of the season, fans were clamoring to know if Frarry could survive in the real world, and though they've been pretty hush-hush about it since the show aired, Francesca and Harry are, in fact, together after Too Hot To Handle — even though they did break up for a bit following filming.

"We are still together and honestly better than ever," Francesca confirms to Elite Daily a week before Netflix's launch of Too Hot To Handle. For now, "together" is a figure of speech for the couple; physically, they're still apart. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, Francesca is in Vancouver, Canada, while Harry is social distancing in Los Angeles. They're keeping the spark alive the way all long-distance couples (and entertainment editors who need to interview reality TV stars) are: with phone calls and video chats.

"We talk and FaceTime 12 times a day," Francesca says. "We've spent so much time being long-distance, and on the retreat it was really difficult as well, so we're kind of used to our relationship being tested. So, this is just currently another test for us, and I feel like we're doing amazing. I feel extremely connected to him."


Their connection was obvious from the very beginning of Too Hot To Handle. "When I met Francesca, I was the most nervous human on the entire planet," Harry tells Elite Daily. "I was shaking, I was sweating — I didn't even want to talk to her. I didn't even want to be around her, because she's that attractive." If you rewatch Episode 1 closely (because why wouldn't you?), you can see Harry fumbling while trying to pour Fran a welcome drink. "I couldn't even do it — I had to give it to Sharron to pour the champagne" he admits.

Of course, a lot went down between then and now. On the show, they faced many hurdles, including a big fight, Francesca's brief flirtation with Kelz, and a lot of money lost from the group's $100,000 cash prize. Despite breaking a ton of the show's rules, they both (at least partially) credit the show's regulations against sex for helping their relationship along.

"Being given the opportunity to hold out and find something special is the best feeling," Harry says. "It's so much better than sex."

Francesca adds: "It definitely helped us connect on a deeper level. We were able to have very meaningful conversations and learn about each other more because we weren't spending time doing other things. But even if [the rules] weren't there, it still would've been just as good, I think."


As their on-screen story wrapped up, Francesca and Harry discussed moving in together upon leaving the Mexican villa. But after production wrapped, Harry went back to Australia and Francesca went home to Canada, and the complications of dating IRL caused them to split up a few months after filming ended.

"It’s really hard being long-distance from Australia to Vancouver," Francesca says. "We broke up for a bit."

However, when Harry relocated to Los Angeles about six months ago, that put them back in the same hemisphere, and they picked up where they left off in Mexico. "When Harry moved to L.A. we started to reconnect again," Francesca explains. "Now we're just better than ever, and we're just waiting for the quarantine and everything with this situation to subside so I can move down there to be with him full-time."

Harry, for his part, is totally on board with this plan. "We're obviously going to move in together ... I guess it's just going to be a matter of time before we're essentially back together and then I'm going to glue her to me so we're never apart," he says.

The couple has big plans for their future together. "We want to get a little lifestyle blog, so we can get 12 chickens, a couple goats, and just a whole bunch of random animals," Harry explains.

"And babies," Francesca adds, making it clear there won't be any sex ban in their romantic villa for two.