Kelz Memes From 'Too Hot To Handle'

LOL, These Kelz Memes From 'Too Hot To Handle' Are Your New Finance Inspo


The cast of Too Hot To Handle had a chance to win $100,000, but their desire to get steamy with other contestants stopped that from becoming reality. In a show where money gets deducted from the prize pot every time one of the extraordinarily attractive contestants has sexual contact with someone else, it's not a huge surprise they didn't end up with the full grand prize. Even so, there was one cast member who took the rules very seriously, and when someone slipped up, he was on the case to figure out what went down: Kelz. Self-described as "the accountant" of the cast, Kelz from Too Hot To Handle became meme material pretty much instantly.

The contestants of Too Hot To Handle may have thought they were joining a month-long free-for-all with some of the most physically attractive singles on earth, but what they really got was a test of self-control and resilience. After their first 12 hours together, the contestants learned from Lana (the omniscient robot cone who watched over them) that any sexual touching would reduce their $100,000 prize money.

Though some couples got hot and heavy despite the rules, Kelz Dyke, a 27-year-old from the UK, was not one of those people. Despite going on one date with one of the most rule-breaking women on the show, Francesca Farago, Kelz always kept an eye on the prize and refused to do anything that would cost him and the rest of the contestants money.

Kelz's finance-focused mindset and hilarious AF reactions to his fellow contestants spending money definitely struck a chord with fans of the show.

Kelz might just be the perfect person to handle your finances if you're trying to keep yourself on a budget, because his disappointed face is nothing you'd want to see personally. TBH, I might just go and set one of these as my phone lock screen to stop me from ordering so much Seamless.

Too Hot To Handle is on Netflix now.