Francesca on 'Too Hot To Handle'

Here's Everything We Know About Francesca, 'Too Hot To Handle's Queen Bee


Another wild dating show just made its way to Netflix, and it's called Too Hot To Handle. As the name implies, all the contestants on the show are straight-up gorgeous, and the sexual tension between them is off the charts. The catch? The communal cash prize of $100,000 is reduced every time any of them makes sexual contact (yes, including kissing). The contestant prove early on that these rules won't always hold them back. This leads me to Francesca, who is one of Too Hot To Handle's notorious rule-breakers.

Francesca is one of the extraordinarily attractive singles on the reality dating series, which is coined as a social experiment (much like Netflix's other recent hit, Love Is Blind). The idea of the show is to remove the opportunity for people to have sexual interaction so they can for deeper emotional bonds without being distracted by lust. Whether this lesson sunk in for Fran might be up for viewer interpretation though.

Francesca started off her time on the show with a bang. "Usually if a guy's hot and I want him, usually I do a little hair flip, make eye contact, and then it's game over. I win," she said in her intro package. She also touted her IG stats right off the bat: "I have 310,000 followers right now; it goes up usually every single day." On the day Too Hot To Handle, debuted on Netflix, she was up about 50,000 from that.

Her Instagram features photos chronicling her modeling career, including partnerships with Fashion Nova and Escape Swimwear, to name a few. While there aren't many other people in her pics, there are a couple few photos of her adorable pup, Romeo, who she calls her "son" and has his own IG account.

Francesca also has her own "ethical, sustainable, and biodegradable" clothing company called Farago The Label. It seems like this is a fairly new endeavor; the company's IG page posted its first photo on March 10.

This Canada native made an impact right when she stepped into the competition, and wasn't afraid to cause some drama along the way. Early on in the season, she and fellow contestant Haley made out in order to exact revenge on the rest of the group and deduct $3,000 from the group's communal cash prize. In an interview with Women's Health, Francesca explained the reasons for the kiss. "We knew it was going to cause some drama, and we were having our little partner-in-crime moment to stir the pot as much as possible," she said. If you've watched through the rest of the season, you know Fran is certainly not afraid to shake things up.

Too Hot To Handle is on Netflix now.