Harry on 'Too Hot To Handle'

Twitter Is NOT Happy With Harry's Antics On 'Too Hot To Handle'


When a kiss costs $3,000, you'd think people would be able to resist, but that's not how things went down on Too Hot To Handle. The contestants had a shot at winning $100,000 if they could just manage to keep their hands (and lips) off of one another, but since everyone was attractive, single, and ready to pounce, sticking to those rules proved to be a tough task. In Episode 2, temptation got the best of Harry on Too Hot To Handle, and these tweets show fans are not happy with how he, ahem, handled his situation.

From Day 1 in the social experiment that was Too Hot To Handle, Francesca and Harry had eyes for one another. "She's probably the most gorgeous girl I've ever laid eyes on," Harry said in one of his first interviews on the show, adding: "I've got big plans."

Harry was pretty determined to make those plans a reality — even after Lana, the cone robot that monitored their every move, instituted a no sexual contact policy for everyone on the show. The day after the announcement of the rules was made, Francesca and Harry sat down to chat. "Lana isn't the police. We're going down here, have this chat, I'm gonna kiss you, then it's just going to be on. And no one will know," he told her confidently. "What have we got to lose?"

Well, they had thousands of dollars to lose, but Harry's pickup lines seemed to convince Francesca to temporarily forget about that, and they shared a steamy kiss.

Harry made serious moves to make that kiss happen, but after it did, he told the other guys on the show that Francesca was the one who initiated it. When Lana informed the entire group they lost $3,000 because of the kiss, he insisted again (in front of Francesca) that he wasn't the one to blame. The second this went down, Twitter basically erupted.

Harry and Francesca cooled off after the whole kiss situation, and even though Fran tried to move on, they both had lingering feelings, and a few episodes later they rekindled their romance. Let's just say not all fans understood their connection.

Regardless of how fans felt about their relationship, Francesca and Harry seemed to make progress in forming a genuine connection, and even managed to keep their hands off one another while staying in a private suite to earn some money back for their fellow contestants. Though they've been keeping their current relationship status hush-hush for a while, they might still be together today, which would make them the real winners of the situation.

Too Hot To Handle is on Netflix now.