9 Pictures Of Labradors That'll Have You Seriously Melting

We can't ever get enough of puppies. Whether it's coming home to our own, or just scrolling through pictures of them online until we're inevitably tearing up a bit, there's just something about them that makes us feel like everything's seriously going to be OK in the world. Every time we find out one of our friends just got a dog, we suddenly have a whole new bestie and welcome ourselves over all too often. Napping is better with a cuddle buddy, and playing hard with your pup is essential after a long work week. These pictures of labradors will have you melting over and over again, just because they're so cute and you've never needed anything more.

Labs are kind of one of the most classic dogs you can come around. Next to golden retrievers and maybe even a pug, they're the most picture-perfect and the one breed that always comes to mind when I personally think about dogs. Maybe it's the commercials where they're rolling around with toilet paper, or just that my neighbor has had two since I was little and riding my scooter down the street. Either way, they're undeniably so cute and have us all saying, "Awe."

You don't need to be a dog person to appreciate these #pups. They'll show you some love, and even a few laughs, right through the screen. It's been a busy day, and maybe even week, already. So, let these labs make the stress melt away.

With A Pup And A Glass Of Wine, Everything's Fine
colindickey on Twitter

Making pour decisions is better with your pup. Seriously, first dates can be awkward sometimes, but dinners with your dashing pet never fail and always call for staying comfy. Sure, you might have to share some of your food. It's such a bad habit, but you just can't say no to those puppy eyes. Don't worry, I understand. Have a grape time.

Feeling Sweet On Chocolate Labs
hannahfellows87 on Twitter

Valentine's (and Galentine's) Day has already come and gone, but we're still feeling so sweet thanks to this little lab. Honestly, next year skip out on the box of discounted truffles and get me this kind of chocolate. Posing in the snow is so effortless when you're absolutely paw-fect, and dogs are much better than any stuffed bear, because they'll love you right back.

These Pups Just Got Adopted
ry_valenz on Twitter

*Cue the tears.* Any time a pet finds their forever home, it's an emotional experience for everyone involved. Sure, we're just seeing this heartfelt moment from the other side of the screen, but we already know what that atmosphere is like — covered in happiness and feels. There are not many things better than adopting an adorable lab — except for taking home two instead of one. Cuddle sessions just got a little more crowded, in the best of ways.

Just So Over The Work Week
maias11 on Twitter

Work hard, play hard. Our pets have a way of keeping our priorities straight. Yeah, you could do that lab report that's do tomorrow, or you could snuggle up with your best bud and watch reruns instead. Surely your professor will believe you when you say your dog ate your homework — or in this case, accidentally deleted it.

This One's A Little Adventurous
Kristine Weilert/Stocksy

If you need a pal to take along on all your life's adventures, this labrador retriever is is the perfect fit. Any dog will be likely be down to go hiking, or at least take a romantic walk on the beach. They make the ultimate companions, and surest sidekicks that way. If you thought your besties were good at keeping up with your wildest dreams and ideas, watch this pup be even better. They'll be chasing all the balls life throws at you, and catching them, too.

Say Cheese

This pup is incredibly photogenic. Seriously, look at that face — and that tongue! It's no question that pets are the ultimate social media stars. I mean look at Doug The Pug and Grumpy Cat. They made it big just by being themselves. A lab like this is surely going to hit the spotlight soon, and clearly he's down for some quality play time, too. Anyone got tennis balls?

This One Got Into A Little Trouble
buddyhollylab on Twitter

Why so sad? This pup is all of us on a Monday morning, or when we realize we did something we weren't supposed to. Making mistakes is part of life, so we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves. But, take it from Buddy — timeout is totally not fun, and there are lessons to be learned even as a lab.

Happy Birthday, Bud!
Kristine Weilert/Stocksy

I sure hope you're one of those people who throws birthday parties for your pets. Just like us, labs love to put on their best outfit and have a day dedicated to them. Sure, you show your pup endless amounts of love every day. But, on this day you should totally take some extra time to celebrate how cute they can be — especially with a party hat on.

I'll Love You Long Time
petandhomecare on Twitter

Our pets are our soulmates. They show us an unlimited amount of unconditional love, and never fail to remind us why we rock. This lab wants all the attention, and she totally means well. When you love something, it's hard not to give it all the attention in the world. Your pup will want to give you a lick or plop their head right into your lap — and naturally, you'll be melting every time.