If You're An Extrovert, These 6 Playful Pups Will Make The Best Companions

Jovo Jovanovic/Stocksy

Stay paw-sitive, extrovert. There's a playful pup out in the world just waiting for you. Like you, our furry friends often get the reputation of being great companions to their crew and can be energetic as ever. You love the social scene because it gives you a lot of life, and it's time to add another sidekick to your squad. The best kinds of dogs for extroverts will be lot more lively, a little clever, and ready to cuddle at all times.

Being an extrovert means you get all of your energy from outside sources. Unlike an introvert, you hate spending time in your solitude and find comfort in a crowded room. When you're stressed, you'll choose a Saturday night out surrounded by your squad over a chill Sunday watching TV — and you rarely take a moment to let your mind wander into silence. Sure, participating in some mindfulness might do you some good. After all, it's important that we slow down and stop living by our schedules sometimes. But you keep your life busy and your best friends love that you can strike up a conversation no matter what the situation.

As an extrovert, you've probably been told more than once that you're super social. This doesn't make you any less independent. You just love to follow the good vibes that are already out in the world instead of finding them within your inner self. A canine with just as much spirit will speak to your extroverted soul. Here are six pups you should probably pick up, and they will come ready to play.

ohmycorgi on Twitter

A corgi will be one of the most ideal companions for you, extrovert. Equally as cute and cuddly as it is alert and active, this pup will be the perfect pal. With his big ears and body that can sometimes look like a cinnamon bun (thank you, internet), you'll always have a buddy to listen to your wildest ideas and be around for when you inevitably start executing them minutes later.

Being extroverted means you don't very much like being alone. Lucky for you, corgis are incredibly devoted to their owners and love to cuddle up with you when your friend crew isn't around. You won't spend much time in your solitude with this kind of sidekick.

Golden Retriever
thedogist on Twitter

You'll have a forever friend in a fluff like a golden retriever. They're so cute and make such incredible companions. You won't be able to find another pup who is so willing to play but also probably hits the books at night when you're asleep. They tend to be incredibly smart and will be a support system when the silence seems to get a little too loud.

Expect your golden retriever to be the most reliable relationship you'll ever know. You'll always be able to count on this canine to give you the attention and time you want and deserve.

itsdougthepug on Twitter

Pugs aren't just picture perfect — they also make incredible pals for extroverts like you! This pup will always have a lot of personality. It won't take millions of followers on social media to make your new loyal licker the light of your life. A pug will participate in any activity with you and your friend crew, and pose for Instagram posts along the way.

As an extrovert, you put your social life pretty high on your list of priorities. Spending time with your gal pals is such a game changer when you're having the worst of days. But, when life gets too busy for your besties, your pug will surely show you such a good time.

lupin_the_dach on Twitter

Don't underestimate this dog based on his size. A dachshund (more commonly known as a weiner dog), is ready to run right by your side through life's most spontaneous adventures. As an extrovert, you're always on the move and this pup will continue to keep you on your toes with his clever mind.

You constantly chase your dreams and are on the move. Sitting in one place just isn't your style, especially when it comes with silence. This dog was born to be just as fierce and fun, and you'll love trying to keep up with something so full of life.

Boston Terrier
zilkerbark on Twitter

You better believe a Boston Terrier would bring the best vibes into your life. Originating in the United States, this sidekick will show you a lot of love but also be a buddy for all your road trips and travels.

Truth is, when you're surrounded by energy, you feel incredibly refreshed and revived. This pup will always have an unlimited amount of playfulness ready to go for when you need that pick me up. Life throws a lot of curveballs at us, and this canine will be ready to catch them all.

hhgarcia41 on Twitter

Labs are so lovely and lively. Something with such adorable puppy eyes will always make for the most persuasive pal. As one of the most popular pups on the market, it's no question that these dogs have a great track record of being reliable, fun, and friendly. They can be gentle giants at times, so, if you're an extrovert who enjoys some quiet time here and there, this is the pooch for you. You'll find yourself scheduling out time in your social calendar for strolls with your new significant other, and snapping one too many pics to show your friends.

Overall, you're fairly outgoing and often wonder if you'll ever meet your match in terms of endless amounts of energy. Sometimes, even your squad can't keep up with you — oh boy, life can be ruff. Thank goodness there are pups in the world who will be just perfect for you, extrovert.