13 Absurdly Sweet Pics Of Husky Pups That'll Make You Want To Cuddle Them So Badly

Looking into the eyes of any fur baby will instantly make you go all mushy. They always have this look of love in their eyes. Plus, they're so flippin' adorable, you just can't get over feeling all the things. But huskies are another category of cuteness altogether. They can have such bright eyes, with the most majestic face — yet still be a total goofball (a goof that you love with all your heart, that is). And as with most dogs, their younger years are honestly the best, and pictures of husky puppies will make your day, your week, and possibly even your whole month.

For one reason or another, you may not have a husky of your own. That's totally OK — because the Internet is a glorious place with an unlimited amount of husky pics and videos to instantly melt over. And who wouldn't want to? When they're little, OMG, they are oh-so-little. Their faces are so sweet and tiny, you just want to reward them with all of the treats. Some have the bluest eyes ever, while others don't. They have tiny legs to go with their tiny bods, but they soon grow up to be big fur-balls of love. Humans don't deserve such amazing animals like the husky, in my opinion — but here are 13 absurdly cute pictures that'll make you instantly fall in love.

A Mini Pack Of Mini Fur Babies Up To No Good
dogsarefamily3 on Twitter

Just look at how small they are! They are all so fluffy that I literally cannot handle it. These little ones also look like they're about to jump out of the picture; their rambunctious attitude can literally be seen in this pic alone.

This pack seems like the type that will plot to eat your shoes, then pretend like they didn't. But, we'll still give them all of the treats anyway — because they're just too cute for words.

Boop To You Too, Mister
ahappierday on Twitter

Ah, making friends; how beautiful. These two young huskies are meeting for the very first time, and your heart has to be abuzz with the cuteness of it all. The little one on the left is all up in the right's business, while the little dude on the right is kind of questioning this potential friendship (but is also so darned cute). What happens next? To be continued, I guess.

These Baby Blues Are As Bright As The Sky
renonvesir on Twitter

"Wow" does not cut it when it comes to little Luna's eyes. She is struttin' her stuff like the tiny queen she is, while giving the camera a fierce stare. This Twitter user said Luna used to be "a furry jellybean," but look at her! She still kind of is a little bean.

A Pack Of Pups With Their Mama
katbrennn on Twitter

Puppies love their mama like anyone else does. And this mom looks so happy for her babes, it's contagious. She's so happy her babies are all there, getting big and healthy. Although you can't see their faces, there's no doubt that they are angels in puppy form.

A Huge Ball Of Love (And Fur)
quitepuppies on Twitter

These pups are part chow chow and part husky, but full-on cute AF. They are literally just masses of fur, and their markings are definitely that of a husky. They also look like they bounce when they walk, but maybe that's just their sweet furry faces that make me think that.

A Shy Fella
puppybuddypets on Twitter

Another one with those baby blues, Apollo seems to be a looker. On top of that, by the dip in his head, he may also be a shy one as well. Maybe he doesn't run to the water bowl first or doesn't scamper up to other dogs in the park — but by the looks of it, Apollo will certainly be a good cuddle baby and fabulous friend.

Snow's Out, Tongues Out
husky_link on Twitter

This little husky certainly enjoyed the outdoors while it snowed! You can see how much playing in the snow tuckered this cute little dude out. He's panting with his tongue out, possibly ready to give a yawn and head to his cozy bed for a nap. But who knows? Maybe he'll jump all over the couch with his wet feet instead!

A True Siberian Sleeping Beauty
tharp11 on Twitter

Sleeping dogs are so pure, and this little husky is no different. It's so sweet how she just curls herself up like a little bundle of fur, with her tail nicely tucked in as well. And by the second picture, you know she's chasing some invisible squirrel in her dreams. So serene!

The Littlest Pup Ever
1puppiesanddog on Twitter

This husky puppy is giving me all the feels! This furry friend is just looking up at the camera like, "So, where is this scratch behind the ear you were going to give me? And that treat? Where is the treat?!?" This pooch is so expectant, and yet you want to give him the world. What a dilemma.

Husky Pup Learns To Beg
naturepb on Twitter

OK, I'm not sure if it's the adorable little one in this photo or the caption, but it's giving me life right now. This husky mom is as patient as can be and her little pup is just there wanting all the love and attention he so rightly deserves. Don't you just want to hold the pup in the palm of your hand and never let him go?

A Majestic, Royal Doggo
dukepieper on Twitter

Maybe it's the sunlight? Maybe it's the pose? But this little husky is serving all types of looks, and she needs to be recognized. She's also reaching for that hand that's petting her, and that right there is adorable AF. This husky was made to be loved.

All Aboard The Sleeping Puppy Train
peytondollansky on Twitter

Picture number two of sleeping puppies, and it's a doozy! Not only is the one of the right booping the other one in the bum, but they're just so tranquil and cute, my heart has stopped. Their collars also go so well with their fur. They've obviously had a very taxing day running around at the park.

The Fast And The Furry-ous
brett_yackey on Twitter

Would I let a dog drive a car? No. Would I let them do it if it looked like this puppy? I'd like to think "no" as well, but look at that face! Car shops are now made for huskies, and you can't say otherwise. This little pup is begging for something in this picture, and if it's love, then that's what he's going to get.