13 Legit Reasons Why French Bulldogs Are The Actual Cutest Animals On The Planet

They're cute, they're little, and they're always ready for some cuddle time. I'm talking about the French bulldog — and it's no wonder these pups are such a popular breed. Just the sight of one of these little guys has your heart melting instantaneously. There's just something about their innocent little faces and large ears that makes them oh-so-adorable. Be forewarned that these pictures of French bulldogs are sure to make you say "awe" — so if you're reading this at work or in a quiet library, try to contain yourself.

Actually, I dare you to try and get through this list of 13 French bulldogs without squealing in joy. It's pretty impossible, and why would you want to? Especially when they give you that look with their puppy-dog eyes and head tilted to one side that just says, "Be my cuddle buddy forever. I woof you." We just have to say, "yes."

If you happen to have a French bulldog at home, you are so lucky and I am extreme;y jealous. I wish I had a pawsitively adorable friend at home to give endless French bulldog kisses to. I would totally turn to the bark side just for these doggies. That's the truth — fur real.

This Little Dude Zac Is Looking To Score Some Digits, Ladies
nicolerosaaaa on Instagram

Real talk, though: Zac can have all of our numbers, because we are totally falling in love over here. He's adorable, he knows it, and we're seriously here for it. Also — he's a hardcore Yankees fan, ladies... so you better batter up.

You Just Can't Say No To This Sweet Face
moregamespls on Twitter

You win this time, Stan the man. Have as many dog treats as you want. How can I say no? I dare you to try. See, it's impossible with those eyes.

He's Just Looking For Some Cuddles
iamgabriellax on Twitter

This baby bulldog is so tiny, but already knows how to get our attention. It's like he just wants to get picked up, and cuddle forever.

This Is The Real Sleeping Beauty
edengardenfv on Twitter

Shhh — this Frenchie is catching up on some serious beauty sleep. He may look like a little diva with this eye mask on, but he totally deserves it. Keep dreaming of bacon and playing fetch, doggy.

OMG, We Cannot Contain Our Excitement Either
superfluonec on Twitter

Look how excited this pup is to be playing ball. I mean — fur real — look at his eyes. The only person more pumped is me getting to witness this joy.

The Most Beautiful Bride In The World
noodeeinjapan on Twitter

Meghan Markle better watch out. This French bulldog may be coming in to be crowned the most beautiful bride of the year. Look at her little head turn and smile, like she knows exactly how gorgeous she is.

It's Impawssible To Look Away From This Baby
jencarlins on Twitter

Toys? What toys? Sure, this pup has tons of stuffed animals behind him he could play with — but he's choosing to spend time posing in front of the camera. Now, he is truly man's best friend.

This Pooch Is Basking In The Sun
honestlyjon on Twitter

This lounging Frenchie is just asking for that sun to shine on her. She doesn't even need shades to be cool. Our hearts are already melting.

Hello, Someone's Ready For Fashion Week
happydogsinfo on Twitter

Stormzy is totally ready to walk the runway at fashion week in his winter ensemble. Someone call Tyra, because I'm thinking the next cycle of America's Next Top Model needs to be for dogs only. I'd watch that in a heartbeat.

This Pup Is Still Celebrating His Super Bowl Win
villagessouder on Twitter

Just looking at his adorable face, I'd cheer for whatever team this bulldog was rooting for. As an Eagles' fan, this must be one proud pup. His team won the Super Bowl, and I'll bet you he had multiple treats to celebrate.

This Frenchie Is One Fabulous Fashionista
surfdogcherie on Twitter

This pup sure does have a colorful fashion sense, and I am seriously here for it. The best part of the look, though, is that smile.

Thank You, Pup, For Reminding Us To Stop And Smell The Flowers
prince_loveo6 on Twitter

We all need to take a break and remember the great things life has to offer. This pup is stopping to smell the flowers. I'm stopping to admire how utterly adorable French bulldogs are — so it's definitely a win-win for both of us.

Oops, We've Reached Cuteness Overload
ericzaneshow on Twitter

We've reached the maximum amount of cuteness allowed on one page. Bruce has officially put us over the limit with his adorable little face. No, doggy, it's nothing you did wrong. You just can't help yourself from being too much to handle.