9 Incredibly Adorable Dogs Dressed Up For Winter Who Deserve All The Cuddles

It's time to start preparing for a super cold winter. You already thought it was cold out, but now you're stocking up on winter coats, hats, and scarves for the chillier days to come. And those cozy essentials are not just for you, either. Even though they have a luxurious coat of fur already to keep them warm, some dogs need the extra layers to stay comfy this time of year. An added bonus is seeing these incredibly adorable dogs dressed up for the winter will warm your insides, too.

If you have your own pup at home, you know how much your furry friend can keep you warm during the cold months, when you're staying inside and cuddling. You also know that your doggo loves going outside to play in the snow, but as a dog mom, you know the importance of layers. Even if your dog doesn't necessarily need the winter coat, you throw it on because let's be real, your pooch looks too cute in it not to.

You cannot lie that looking at these nine dogs dressed up in their winter best make your heart melt, and you know all of these pooches deserve all the extra wintertime cuddles. So, if you have a dog at home, make sure you snuggle close under some blankets, and the rest of us can just look at these pups to keep us all toasty on the inside.

This Winter Sweater Game Is Seriously On Point
llovmydog on Twitter

These dogs belong in a Gap ad for how wonderfully they can pull off these sweaters. They probably also know the positives of having a sibling your same size. Now, they get to share sweaters and live by the motto, "what's mine is yours."

A Matching Bow For Your Fur Is The Perfect Accessory To Pair With A Winter Coat
therapydogwinni on Twitter

This cute pooch knows the importance of accessorizing, and is seriously sleighing the winter style game. The matching little black bow for her ponytail really adds the extra glam to her already fabulous winter coat. For real though, can we have some fashion pointers?!

It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighbor-Hood
bulldogloverssh on Twitter

This bulldog seems to be struggling to see out of his hood. Or, maybe he's just embracing the look. Either way, you look adorable, doggy.

This Pooch Is Thinking Pink
kennidymonroe on Twitter

This winter outfit is pink AF, and you're pulling it off, pup. Pink truly is your color. We're loving the lace finish on the bonnet as well. You're keeping it classy, and we're here for it.

This Dog Is A Style Icon
krystalxsuzy on Twitter

I wish I had some winter coats as fabulous as this dog's. I'm guessing I need to take this pup with me next time I go shopping. You are now my style icon. Get this doggy her own makeover show, because I would watch that.

A Little Hat To Keep Your Doggy Ears Warm
elise__evans on Twitter

I love a good beanie in the wintertime, and this dog is wearing a truly fab one. A dog's ears need to be protected from the wind, so you can keep them warm. It also helps when your hat perfectly matches your sweater.

Hey Dog, Red Is Definitely Your Color
dog_rates on Twitter

This doggy knows that his red sweater goes wonderfully with his fur. You know, I bet any color would look terrific on this pup.

Sorry for waking you up from your winter nap, pooch. We just wanted to let you know how great you look.

Too Bundled To Put His Paws Down
missyelliott on Twitter

Even Missy Elliott's dog knows that it's too darn cold outside to not wear a coat. The chilly pup is so bundled that he's struggling to put his paws down. He may be bundled, but we can all agree, he looks Supa Dupa Fly.

Like Mother, Like Daughter
jillonair on Twitter

This dog mom is one smart shopper, and got a matching coat for her pup. They do say that after awhile you can start to look like your dog. This pair embodies #TwinningGoals at its finest.