14 Photos Of Dogs In Fall That Prove They're Living Life Better Than Us & We're Jealous

by Tessa Harvey

Any dog lover will tell you that fur babies hold a special place in our hearts. They have important priorities in life, which, to name a few, include being naturally adorable at all times, eating, playing, sleeping, and cuddling. As much as us humans tend to get caught up in our hectic schedules, commitments, and get stressed when things go wrong at times, dogs just wag their tales and take life for what it is. These photos of dogs in fall actually prove they're living life way better than the rest of us, and we should take some notes ASAP.

When fall comes around, even though many of us look forward to the start of each new season, we sometimes forget to really enjoy it. Many of us are too busy working to take time to watch the falling leaves, or to appreciate the very first fall-like day. We may even take the little things for granted, like how the air starts to smell incredible when the temperature cools down. But, bless their hearts, our dogs take it all in.

Our dogs are out there, living it up and loving every autumnal moment as much as they can. These 14 pictures prove we've got a lot to learn from them. I totally won't judge if you start wondering what it'd be like to switch places with your pup for a day.

This Smiley Pup Hanging Out In Nature
Bolton Abbey Estate on Twitter

Look at that adorable smile. This pooch seriously has to be the happiest pup around. He seems to be loving the breezy weather, and he's getting his exercise in for the day, too. That's multi-tasking at its finest.

This Doggo Is Here For The Sweater Weather
Bucks Dog Girl on Twitter

Forget your fall look books, because this dog is here to make a stylish statement in the sweater weather. This pooch is dressed to the nines in fall red, and she's not playing games. Can we get a link to the sweater, though?!

Leaves Are Falling, And This Dog Is Loving It
Kerri-Emma Dobson on Twitter

It could just be the angle, but this dog knows how to live. You can tell by the soft fur, the scattered leaves, and the perfectly giddy face. You keep doing you, doggo.

This Pup's Taking In All Of The Autumnal Sights
Martin Cabble-Reid on Twitter

This is a prime example of a dog who's killing the autumn game. He's taking the time to stop and smell the leaves, if you will. Rain or shine, it seems like this pup is here to enjoy everything fall has to bring to the table.

We Literally Cannot Handle These Puppy Dog Eyes
Adorable Pets on Twitter

I'm pretty sure it's impossible to not smile at those sweet puppy dog eyes. This pupper deserves all of the dog treats, hands down. I think we're all in agreement that this pooch is legit the poster child of autumn.

Doggo's Dressing Up For The 'Gram
Sev and Lily on Twitter

This girl and her dog came dressed to impress. It's safe to say this duo successfully snapped the perfect Instagram shot. Rock those ponchos.

Taking A Snooze In The Leaves Is An Essential Fall Activity
Kyle O'Brien on Twitter

Let's all aspire to a bit more like this dog in life. I'm loving how this pooch is staying immersed in the moment. A little nap in a leaf pile on a crisp afternoon is necessary if you're trying to embrace fall to the fullest.

This Dog's Candid Game Is Stronger Than Yours
Puppy Love on Twitter

OK, I'm convinced this dog should be a puppy model. Flawless execution, and so much fall enjoyment. I wish my candids looked this epic.

Pumpkin-Everything Is Necessary, And This Dog Proves It
Charlotte TrafficGuy on Twitter

This dog knows he's here for the pumpkin dog food, and he doesn't care what you have to say about it. Just look at how he's guarding his pumpkin. He's going to enjoy every second of pumpkin season.

This Dog Is Making The Most Of The Beautiful Weather
Salerno Duane on Twitter

This dog is living a picture-perfect movie life, am I right? The wind blowing back his fur, the leaves in the air — you couldn't ask for a better shot. This is how we should all feel about autumn.

These BFFs Are Having The Cutest Playdate
Collar Labs on Twitter

Who doesn't wish they could jump around in a pile of leaves all day long? I (secretly) do. These lucky dogs just get to live it up.

This Furry Friend Is Peacefully Contemplating The Ruff Life
Чибетский король on Twitter

You're looking at the rightful queen of serene dogs. There's so much to love about this picture — the sunset, the leaves, and, of course, the fluffer. This one's my favorite.

This Pup Has The Best Hideout
🎄Christmas Cheer🎄 on Twitter

This has got to be the best hiding spot ever. If this pup is playing a game of hide and seek with friends, we spot a clear winner here. Those eyes are just too precious.

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