8 Super Hot Sex Scenes On 'Grey's Anatomy' That'll Have You Sweating

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There's no denying that Grey's Anatomy is almost certainly one of those shows you love to hate and hate to love. Whether you started watching it when it first aired in 2005 and have kept up with it ever since, or you marathon-watched a bunch of seasons all at once, you've probably grown attached to the characters. When they break up, you feel their pain. When someone dies, it rips your heart open. When they finally find their person, your heart swells with joy. And when they get it on, you're rooting for them during the sexiest scenes on Grey's Anatomy.

The thing about the characters Shonda Rhimes has written is that they're so enticing, likable (even when they're not — I'm looking at you Tom Koracick and intern Alex Karev), and real. Their storylines are likely a big part of what's made you tune in to ABC every Thursday night to see if the couples you're 'shipping are going to make it, if there's going to be another heart-wrenching tragedy, and who's hooking up with who this week. And while I'm all for lots of sex, the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are next-level and scandalous as h*ll for getting it on in some of the most risky places in the hospital. See for yourself.

Izzie & Alex

Granted, Jo and Alex are now one of Grey's Anatomy's most well-liked pairings, but way before Jo was even in the picture, there was Alex and Izzie: A truly iconic couple. She brought out the best in him, and our dear Dr. Alex Karev wouldn't be the character everyone has grown to love if it weren't for Izzie — which only makes this sex scene even more wow.

Meredith & McDreamy

The way I see it, Alex and Izzie were the second most iconic couple on the show, second only to Meredith and Derek. From their risky time together when she was an intern and he was an attending, to their eventual marriage, MerDer went through a lot of ups and downs. But one thing's for sure: Throughout their rollercoaster romance, these two had some steamy moments together, like having sex in a medical exam room. You know, casual.

Meredith & McDreamy (Again, you're welcome)

Even when they weren't together, Meredith and Derek were always drawn to each other, and everyone knew it. They may have broken up in this scene, but it wasn't the end for them, and there probably wouldn't have been an end for them if Derek hadn't died in Season 11. The way I see it, no other Grey's couple could ever compare to these two because their love and their chemistry never faded. (I do love Meredith and Dr. DeLuca, though.)

Callie & Mark

It feels like ages since Mark and Callie have been on the show together, and honestly, it kind of has been. These two were the best of friends and occasionally hooked up when they needed to get over people they were actually romantically interested in. (Understandable.) In this episode, Callie's trying to get over her feelings for another doctor by having a sex marathon with Mark (aka McSteamy). His dirty talking and the fact that he gives her seemingly incredible oral sex make this scene extra ~hot~.

Lexie & McSteamy

Unlike his occasional, strictly physical sex sprees with Callie, when it came to Lexie, Mark was a ball of emotions. Though they were on and off throughout the show, their feelings for each other were always there, but the timing just didn't seem to work. But that didn't stop them from having some pretty legendary sex scenes. Like yes, teach her, Mark!

Callie & Arizona

This scene was definitely (and unfairly) of the blink-and-you-miss-it variety, but who could forget when Lexie walked in on Callie and Arizona getting it on in the shower in Season 6? If that's not smoking hot, IDK what is.

Cristina & Owen

Owen and Cristina had their fair share of struggles throughout the time they were together, like the PTSD episode Owen had right before this scene. Unlike some of the other jump-your-bones scenes in Grey's, this particular one was slow, passionate lovemaking that was simultaneously beautiful and sexy.

April & Jackson

Another one of the most beloved couples on the show was April and Jackson. These two entered the show together in Season 6, in the same intern class, and quickly became friends. The night before their medical boards exam, they have sex, resulting in April losing her virginity and the beginning of a tumultuously sweet relationship.

Nico & Schmitt

At the beginning of the most recent season, Grey's finally showed a sex scene between two men, and boy, it did not disappoint. In this scene, Schmitt gives Nico an epic pre-sex speech about knowing he was into guys but never having actually been with one. It was real cute, and then quickly turned hot AF when Nico kissed Schmitt, and they end up having sex in an ambulance during a pretty severe windstorm. Talk about steamy.

While Grey's Anatomy has a way of ripping its viewers' hearts out of their chests with every shooting, bomb, and plane crash (seriously, every tragedy you could ever imagine has been on Grey's Anatomy), the sex scenes are a reminder that love can bloom in even the most unexpected places. (Like an ambulance, in the middle of a windstorm!)