Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey and Patrick Dempsey as Derek Shepherd in Grey's Anatomy Season 17.

This Is The 'Grey's Anatomy' Moment That Officially Broke MerDer Stans


Warning: Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy Season 17, Episode 13 follow. As painful as it's been watching Meredith Grey battle the coronavirus on Grey's Anatomy, seeing her reunite with Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd has made for one of the most emotionally satisfying storylines in years. But Mere couldn't stay trapped in limbo on her dream beach forever, and in Season 17, Episode 13, she ultimately decided to keep living. But first, she and her late husband celebrated their love with a sweet ceremony that had viewers going, "Somebody sedate me!" The second fans saw Meredith and Derek's beach wedding on Grey's Anatomy, the tweets got emotional.

To recap: MerDer had been inching closer and closer to each other on the beach ever since Meredith first spotted Derek there in the Season 17 premiere. Even though Meredith knew getting closer to Derek might mean she'd never want to leave the beach and go back to life on Earth, they finally sat side by side and had a long chat about life.

Mere told Derek their daughter Ellis likes to draw a picture of them in wedding attire, because she didn't like hearing about their Post-It note wedding and wanted to imagine her parents having a proper ceremony. You may remember that way back in the day, MerDer talked about wanting a beach wedding. And because Season 17 Meredith had a dream beach where anything is possible, they actually got to do it.

In place of tradition vows, Derek asked Meredith to promise to torture herself less, and they agreed they didn't want her to leave the kids. Then the couple finally leaned in for the long-awaited MerDer kiss fans had been waiting for all season. Naturally, Twitter exploded.

Of course, once Meredith and Derek agreed she would return to the real world, it was time for them to say goodbye again. So they cuddled and watched the sun set over the beach before Derek walked away (alone!) and Mere woke up to the delight of her older daughter Zola. As the mother-daughter duo emotionally embraced, Meredith told her, "We love you, Zozo." Yep, she was speaking for herself and Derek, if you felt like sobbing today.

The beach and McDreamy are officially gone, but who would've thought fans would get a MerDer beach wedding in the year 2021? As far as iconic Grey's moments go, this is one for the books.