Alex Karev is no longer on 'Grey's Anatomy'

Twitter Is RIOTING Against 'Grey's Anatomy' After Finding Out Karev's Ending

Bob D'Amico/Walt Disney Television/Getty Images

On March 5, Grey's Anatomy finally revealed what the heck happened to Dr. Alex Karev. After actor Justin Chambers announced he was leaving the show in January 2020, fans knew the beloved doctor wouldn't be returning to screens, and they had been anxiously waiting to see how writers would tie up Karev's ending ever since. Unfortunately, the way his exit was explained was more shocking than pretty much anyone expected, and these tweets about Alex Karev's ending on Grey's Anatomy prove people are not taking the news well... like, at all.

Karev was heard, not seen, in his farewell episode. As he narrated the handwritten farewell letters he wrote to his colleagues and wife at Grey Sloan Memorial, fans learned what the heck happened to the doctor. Apparently, Karev left Jo for Izzie, upon learning the latter had birthed his twins five years ago from embryos she froze long ago. He reconnected with Izzie while gathering letters to defend Meredith from getting her medical license revoked earlier this season, and that's when he learned of his children. Karev explained he didn't want to miss any more of his kids' lives, so he moved from Seattle to Kansas to be with his ex-wife and his newfound offspring.

Fans are very much not happy with the ending for this character. Karev had grown from a slightly obnoxious young man into an outstanding role model in the past 16 seasons, and his decision to just up and leave Jo (and Meredith) like that seems like a hasty and disappointing exit for the character. Naturally, fans who were shaken by the latest episode (read: pretty much the entire fandom) took to social media to voice their frustrations:

Some fans are simply dealing with the situation by pretending it never happened, instead rewriting the episode in their heads to say he died instead. You know fans are taking a character's ending poorly when they'd rather him die than face what really happened.

Season 16 of Grey's Anatomy continues — without Karev — on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.