8 Imaginary & Rumored Celebrity Couples That Need To Happen ASAP For The Fans

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Anyone who knows me, knows I get pretty into "shipping" couples. The first couple I remember shipping was Lizzie and Gordo from Lizzie McGuire. At the time, I didn't even know what shipping was or meant, but I knew I loved watching the two together and rooted for them. As I've grown, I've picked up more couples to ship – both rumored celebrity couples and fictional ones. Some of my favorite pairings include: Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus (Niley forever, don't even try me), Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical, and Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter series (if you aren't a Darry fan, please leave). And while some of the fictional pairings I enjoy may seem strange to some, it has always been fun to get lost in my imagination and think of what could be.

In addition to the strange couplings I see in my mind, there are actually some weird real-life celebrity couples that are dominating the news cycle right now. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, and Nicki Minaj and Eminem all are pairs that make me question how they're together. But in honor of those seemingly random pairs, I've decided to think up some other celebrity couples – both rumored and completely out of left field – that would be interesting if they were to get together.

If any of these couples do get together and publicly announce their relationship within the next week or so, I'd like to take full responsibility. If they marry, I call dibs on officiating their wedding – just call me the next Chris Harrison. Let's make it happen, people!

RUMORED: Lorde and Jack Antonoff
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Yes, if you're a fan of either singer or of wonderful powerpoints, you've definitely seen the slideshow claiming that Lorde and Jack Antonoff are together. Elite Daily has reached out to their reps for confirmation of their rumored relationship. While the general public does not yet have confirmation from either pop star on the status of their relationship, their chemistry is clearly off the charts. If the music they create together is any indication, this is a partnership I'd love to see happen for real.

RUMORED: Zendaya and Tom Holland
Getty/Paul Zimmerman + Getty/Neilson Barnard

Rumors have been surrounding these two ever since Spider-Man: Homecoming, in which they both starred. Elite Daily has reached out to their reps for confirmation of their rumored relationship. Zendaya and Tom Holland are constant smiles around one another, and seem to truly enjoy being in the same company. Plus, this video of them dancing is adorable and yes, I 100 percent ship 'em until the end of time.

IMAGINARY: Timothée Chalamet and Katherine Langford
Getty/Dia Dipasupil + Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris

Timothée Chalamet and Katherine Langford are two of the most talented rising actors of young Hollywood. Chalamet, with his roles in Lady Bird and Call Me by Your Name, and Langford, with hers in 13 Reasons Why and Love, Simon, are both pretty secretive about their private lives. In terms of personality, they can be goofy, but also serious when necessary. They're both musical, too: Langford enjoys singing and playing insruments, and Chalamet likes rapping.

IMAGINARY: Demi Lovato and Hayley Kiyoko
Getty/Frazer Harrison + Getty/Matt Winkelmeyer

These two queer ladies know how to use their voices beyond just singing: Demi Lovato and Hayley Kiyoko are both super passionate about social issues. They both also have Disney Channel roots, with Lovato starring in Camp Rock and Kiyoko in Lemonade Mouth.

IMAGINARY: Alisha Boe and KJ Apa
Getty/Presley Ann + Getty/Dia Dipasupil

This is more based on their Instagrams than anything else – they both have an indie-cool vibe going on. Also, in interviews, both appear to have happy-go-lucky personalities. And it could actually happen, because Ross Butler could connect these two. Butler has worked with Alisha Boe on 13 Reasons Why and KJ Apa on Riverdale.

IMAGINARY: Kendall Jenner and Dylan Sprouse
Getty/Dimitrios Kambouris + Getty/Rich Fury

This probably looks like a weird couple, but hear me out. Both Kendall Jenner and Dylan Sprouse grew up around cameras, and could relate to each other's childhood in the spotlight. And, Jenner follows Sprouse's twin brother Cole on Instagram, so we know the brothers are at least on her radar.

IMAGINARY: Ross Butler and Hailee Steinfeld
Getty/Alberto E. Rodriguez + Getty/Ethan Miller

Ross Butler and Hailee Steinfeld are both musically-inclined, have bubbly personalities, and just seem like they could mesh. Both have shown off their music talents – Butler in his Instagram stories, and Steinfeld in her pop star career – and are able to snag big-Blockbuster films. Butler is set to be in DC's Shazam! and Steinfeld was, of course, in Pitch Perfect 2 and Pitch Perfect 3.

IMAGINARY: Niall Horan and Vanessa Morgan
Getty/Jeff Spicer + Getty/Rich Fury

From Niall Horan's days in One Direction, to Vanessa Morgan's rise to popularity on Riverdale, both of these stars know what it's like to be part of something incredibly popular. Plus, Horan's guitar-playing would pair perfectly with Morgan's singing.

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